Galactic Cosmic-Rays Research Rains On Man-Made Climate Change Parade

A pair of new international studies which punched holes in the absoluteness of man-made climate change have gotten little-to-no attention in the corporate media.

Researchers from Kobe University in Japan found that high-energy particles from space known as galactic cosmic rays affect the Earth’s climate by increasing cloud cover, causing an “umbrella effect.”

A second study, a paper published by researchers from the University of Turku in Finland, concluded that even though observed changes in the climate are real, the effects of human activity on these changes are insignificant. Such findings create cognitive dissonance for celebrity and media actors committed to the narrative that human behavior is killing the planet.

We have to recognize that the anthropogenic climate change does not exist in practice,” the study concluded.

Professor Masayuki Hyodo, who led the research team at Kobe University, said: “The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has discussed the impact of cloud cover on climate in their evaluations, but this phenomenon has never been considered in climate predictions due to the insufficient physical understanding of it.”

Professor Hyodo continued: “This study provides an opportunity to rethink the impact of clouds on climate. When galactic cosmic rays increase, so do low clouds, and when cosmic rays decrease clouds do as well, so climate warming may be caused by an opposite-umbrella effect. The umbrella effect caused by galactic cosmic rays is important when thinking about current global warming as well as the warm period of the medieval era.”

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The Strongest Summer Jet Stream to Hit the Pacific Northwest EVER!

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An extraordinary weather event has been occurring above our heads during the past 24-hour.   A record that was not only broken, but shattered to little pieces.

The strongest summer jet stream ever observed over the Pacific Northwest.  

The jet stream is a narrow current of strong winds in the upper troposphere (roughly 25,000 ft to 35,000 ft above sea level).   It is often the conduit for storms and is associated with a large temperature gradient (change in temperature with horizontal distance) in the middle and lower troposphere.   Winds in the jet stream are westerly (from the west) and aircraft like to fly in the jet stream going east, while avoiding it going west.   You are now Jet Steam certified!

The ECMWF 12-h forecast for 5 AM this morning for the wind speed at the 250 hPa pressure level (about 35,000 ft) clearly shows the jet stream, with the orange/red colors being the strongest winds.

This is a HUGE and very zonal (east-west oriented) jet stream…as shown by the next map at the same time.  This looks like January, not July.

But now I will really impress you. 

The wind this morning at the radiosonde site at Quillayute (UIL) was 140 knots (161 mph) at the 250 hPa level (again around 35,000 ft).   This is amazingly fast for this time of the year.

The plot below shows the climatology of the winds at this level throughout the year at this location, with the red lines being the all-time record for each date (the black lines are average winds for the date, blue lines, the record low winds).   Vertical soundings at Quillayute go back to the late 1960s…so we are talking about a half-century of observations.   The previous record was around 110 knots…so the 140 knots observed today absolutely shattered the record.     In fact, the wind over us right now is greater then the records for any date from April 1 to mid-October.

Record, but lesser winds, are being observed at the next upper air station to the south:  Salem, Oregon (see below)

A truly unusual event.   And one that should not be pinned on global warming.  In fact, several of the global warming jet stream papers (e.g., by Jennifer Francis and others) suggest that global warming will bring a weak and wavy jet stream.  This is just the opposite.

Reading climate history during Grand Minimums, the was a plethora of unusual climate activity.  This could just another example.
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The Climate Change Computer Models are Being Fudged

Dr. Patrick Michaels, director of the Center for the Study of Science at the Cato Institute, provides insight into the debate over climate change and the political games played to create policy.
Dr. Patrick Michaels, who is the former Virginia State Climatologist has some strong comments about climate models during an interview with Mark Levin:

“It is nowhere near as warm as it’s ‘supposed’ to be,” says climatologist Dr. Patrick Michaels. “The computer models are making systematic, dramatic errors.”

There are 32 different computer models used to predict the climate, all of them run by government entities. And all of those models, except for the Russian model, are predicting far, far too much warming. The Russian model pretty much matches reality.

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Erratic Posting and Comment Moderation

Dear Readers

I will be in Chemo Therapy for the next four months, with a session every two weeks, starting on June 18, 2019.  Posting will depend on how I respond to the chemo drugs.  Please be patient if you have posted comment needing moderation.  Thank You!


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Dr. Judith Curry’s post at WUWT on preparing to testify before Congress.

Politics versus science in attributing extreme weather events to manmade global warming.

If you follow me on twitter, you may have noticed that I was scheduled to testify before the House Oversight and Reform Committee on Jun 12 [link]. The subject of the Hearing is Contending with Natural Disasters in the Wake of Climate Change.

Full Post HERE.


So where does all this leave us in the climate debate? There is very little in the way of extreme weather events that can convincingly be attributed to manmade global warming, even if you are assuming that all of the recent warming is manmade.

Global warming activists will continue use extreme events as an argument against fossil fuels, even though there is little to no evidence to support this. Without this argument, there is very little left to worry about in the near term regarding AGW, apart from the slow creep of sea level rise.

The shenanigans of activists and politicians in this regard are not surprising. What is horrifying is the way that schoolchildren are being used (and arguably harmed) in the interests of supporting the activists’ propaganda.

And finally, the silence of scientists who should know better, especially among those who have a vocal public presence (e.g. media interviews, twitter) is very disturbing. Although who among them would want to suffer the hassles and osctracism suffered by RPJr, myself and others.

The ‘establishment’ community of climate scientist activists has much to answer for. But insatiable media market for ‘fake news’ regarding extreme weather events assures them of a path of continued professional success for spouting alarmism regarding extreme weather events.

The most troubling for me the silence of those who know better or should know better.

Science is not a mystery, it is a process that followed produces definitive answers to important questions.  Applying the process to AGW does not produce answer the warmers can support, thus they resort to politics, rather than science.

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Nevada County Supervisors Formally Reject Cell Tower On Wildlife Lane

Once again, our supervisors demonstrate they do not understand the critical role that broadband access plays in a digital world, federal and state broadband funding programs, nor the technology used to provide broadband connectivity.

A quote from the article in The Union

Supervisor Heidi Hall said officials must identify areas that need service, not approve a tower because AT&T is “scrambling” to meet a deadline. Instead the county should be methodical in its approach toward increasing cell service.

“These are not high priority locations,” Hall said of Wildlife Lane.

Supervisor Sue Hoek suggested the county perform a study and determine where service is lacking in Nevada County.

CEO Alison Lehman said no such studies exist.

As you can see from the map below,  copied from the CA Interactive Broadband Map, the cross-hatched areas were identified as unserved areas and eligible for Connect America Fund subsidies. From the FCC web site:

The Connect America Fund Phase II (Phase II) is part of the Commission’s reform and modernization of its universal service support programs. In 2018, the Commission conducted an auction (Auction 903) to allocate Phase II support to certain eligible areas across the United States. Auction 903 ran from July 24, 2018 to August 21, 2018. 103 bidders won $1.49 billion over 10 years to provide fixed broadband and voice services to over 700,000 locations in 45 states.

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 5.43.33 AM

The proposed cell tower in on a high point, the small red circle. The larger circle radius is 6,000 feet or about 1.8 km.

A cell tower range can be far reached about 31 km (19.2 miles). However, cell towers are more likely to work on a max range of about 10 miles (16 km), as after 10 miles the protocol used for cell phone calls become unreliable. In rural areas, the tower’s range usually goes from 2 miles (3.2 km) up to 6 miles (9.6km).

The cell tower coverage area is about twice the circle shown on the map, covering multiple areas identified by the FCC and CPUC as needing some broadband access. The gold colored areas were identified by the CPUC/CASF and are eligible for state funding.

Now to the comments by our supervisors and County Staff

Supervisor Hall: “officials must identify areas that need service” What does she think the CPUC and the FCC have been doing for the last 10 years. According to the CPUC and FCC, the area chosen needs better broadband access, and the AT&T bid was accepted by the FCC and funded, part of a $1.6 Billion program.

Supervisor Hoek: “the county perform a study and determine where service is lacking in Nevada County.” The studies have been down, and the Federal government is providing the funds to provide access.

CEO Alison Lehman: “no such studies exist.” Really? The CPUC funded Gold County Broadband Consortia held public meetings in communities along SR-149 reporting the need for broadband access to the CPUC. Also, the CPUC has conducted cell phone coverage surveys for 5 plus years, and the FCC determines the area was eligible for CAF II funding, how many more studies do we need?

One other issue: AT&T was the contractor for the Public Safety FirstNet:

“FirstNet will provide 20MHz of high-value, telecommunications spectrum and success-based payments of $6.5 billion over the next five years to support the network buildout,” AT&T said in its announcement. FirstNet’s spectrum is located in the 700MHz band often used for consumer LTE networks.

AT&T’s contract with FirstNet is 25 years long. “AT&T will spend about $40 billion over the life of the contract to build, deploy, operate and maintain the network, with a focus on ensuring robust coverage for public safety users,” the company said. AT&T will also connect FirstNet users to the company’s existing network.

Did the Supervisors just kill a portion of the FirstNet coverage in Nevada County when they kill a critical infrastructure cell phone tower?

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White House Might Make Federal Scientists Debate Skeptics

The scientist promoting anthropogenic global warming refuse to participate in a Red Team — Blue Team assessment of climate change. They must not have a very strong case, or no case at all.  The E&E News has the details:

A White House plan to debate the accuracy of climate science has hit a snag: Mainstream scientists are unlikely to participate.

Without a credible team of researchers who accept established climate science, the idea would fall flat, according to two people involved in the discussions. To get around that challenge, top officials planning the “red team” debate have floated the idea of requiring scientists at NASA or NOAA to participate, the sources said.

Another idea would be to require the National Academy of Sciences to review and respond to the work of the team in charge of highlighting uncertainties in the research that underlies the National Climate Assessment. While the sources said the exercise could debut in the coming weeks, they also cautioned that the current state of discussions is fluid.

The effort’s newest iteration is more modest than earlier proposals. Will Happer, a director on the National Security Council, had envisioned creating a rapid response team to upend the conclusions of government reports on climate change. Initial discussions considered using an executive order to create a “Presidential Committee on Climate Security.”

It appears that those have been sidelined after facing pressure from within the administration, according to sources.

[. . .]

The scaled-back goal of the current plan is to provide a back-and-forth examination of climate science in which researchers who question mainstream conclusions about warming would perform equivalently with scientists representing the vast majority of experts who accept that human activity is raising temperatures. The exercise could produce a series of white papers from both sides, essentially establishing a formal record of climate contrarianism.

The papers could act as a “correction” or addendum to the National Climate Assessment released last year, according to one source.

Continue Reading HERE.

If the global warmers will not debate skeptics and they will not participate in a highly transparent assessment of the core science, why should anyone listen to them at all?

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