Sunday Constitution Day Parade

The focus of The Union coverage of the  Constitution Day Parade was on the Syria War Protestors.  How sad for a parade that was dedicated to vets and their contribution to our ability to live in a free world. They wrote:

Anti-war who descended down a closed-to-traffic Broad Street were intercepted Sunday by Nevada City police, who kept the unscheduled marchers from interrupting the ceremonial re-enactment of the signing of the U.S. Constitution that traditionally marks the beginning of the Constitution Day Parade, according to law enforcement officials.

Interesting the anti-war protestors danced past us twice at the upper end of Broad Street before the parade started. Where were the intercepters?

Fred Buhler has posted photos from yesterday’s Constitution Day Parade at

Several weeks ago we [Viet Nam Vets] decided to build a bamboo POW cage.  Our aim was to build a cage that would authentically represent the cages used to hold American prisoners of war in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. This project was in honor of my classmate and friend Ed Carlson, who was captured and taken Prisoner of War during the battle of Loc Ninh on April 7, 1972.  When Ed was captured he was serving as the Deputy Senior Advisor to the 9th Infantry Regiment, 5th Infantry Division, Army of the Republic of Vietnam.  Major Carlson spent 312 days in captivity, mostly in Cambodia.  He was released on February 12, 1973 during Operation Homecoming.

Included in the post is this photo of Alvis Legate, who portrayed an American prisoner of war in the bamboo “tiger” cage that we built. Many thanks to Alvis, a gifted actor from our community.   Thanks also to Jose Gonzales for his help.  We would not have completed this project without his  wise counsel and assistance! And thanks to George Rebane who pulled the trailer.

I recommend you take a look at Fred’s photos and think about  vets commitment to this nation and then the role of anti-war protestors.  Were some of the anti-protest marchers the same people who treated Viet Nam vets so poorly on their return? I will bet they were.

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