AR-5: Dust Bin Fiction and Broken Models (Updated)

We are about to be treated to one the great fiction pieces published this year, with the release of the IPCC’s 5th Assessment Report. It follows four other notable pieces of climate change fiction. However, AR5 promises to be industrial grade verbiage in an attempt to con every citizen in the literate world into thinking we are in grave danger from climate change. Yes, even thought climate change has paused or stopped for at least 17 years, while CO2 emissions continue to increase. Reality has no standing here, as the 5th AR will attempt to connivence readers the world is still warming and seas are still rising, all due to the human  CO2 emissions.

(Then again maybe not, there are reports that AR-5 will dial back estimates of global warming and may even conclude that for the near term we will not experience any economic or ecological damage.  That raises some interesting questions for California’s AB-32 Global Warming Solutions Act, 2006. If there is not longer any danger for just a little warming, why are we spending billions to stop it? ) 

I am currently reading Donna Laframboise’s new book Into the Dustbin , which takes a close look at Rajendra Pachauri, the man in charge of the UN Inter-government Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that will release the 5th Assessment Report some time in October.  It is an unflattering view of a flawed leader in charge of a broken process, fueled by scientific egomaniacs making claims they cannot support, all the while alleging to be publishing peer-reviewed science. Hogwash!

Bob Tisdale is publishing a book that discusses and illustrates how the climate models being used by the IPCC for their 5th Assessment Report show no skill at simulating surface temperatures, precipitation and sea ice area.  We can let Bob doing the explaining in this video.

There you have it, a flawed report, written by questionable body of scientist and political hacks describing the output of broken models,  which our local left will accept as the untarnished truth and the brain dead political weasels in Sacramento will use to justify more economy killing laws and regulations.


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