Baroness DiFi Wants to Define What is a Journalist

We have vigorous blogging community in Nevada County.  New blogs appear everyday sharing information and some scooping local news papers and radio stations. Other blogs provide a level of analysis that the local news outlet are incapable of providing.  Yet, in defining what is a journalist, Senator Dianne Feinstein (DiFi) wants to define “journalist” as only those working for the Main Stream Press.  Under Baroness DiFi if you do not get a paycheck from the Government Controlled Media you cannot be a “journalist.” If DiFi has her way bloggers will not be protected under the First Amendment. 

CalWatchDog has is to say about DiFi’s power grab:

Baroness DiFi’s position is especially embarrassing for Silicon Valley, whose billionaire investors mostly backed her. They’ve built the infrastructure of alternative media that, finally, take us outside the government-MainStream Media axis, and their own senator stabs them in the back! Baroness DiFi still wants to live in the Dark Ages of 1993, the year before the Web Awakening of 1994.

I am not giving up my First Amendment Rights to point our the stupidity of our elected officials, including DiFi.  


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