Texas Living in California’s End Zone

The American Interest has the story:

Here are three facts about the Lone Star State, as reported by Policymic. Texas is creating more jobs than any other state in the country; the government sector has shrunk more than any other sector; and perhaps most impressive of all, unemployment is falling even though participation in the labor force is growing:

Since August 2012, Texas’ employers added 274,700 new jobs; this astonishing annual total accounts for about 13% of all jobs added nationwide and is 51,000 more than the next highest state: California. The states with the next highest job growth over the last year were Florida (+131,400) and New York (+92,500). Furthermore, the year-over-year employment-growth rate in Texas was approximately 3% and substantially higher than in California and the U.S. average, which has been the case since at least 2007 (see below). These data are nothing but remarkable.

The industries where Texas has added the most jobs, according to Policymic, are education, health services, professional and business services, and manufacturing.

The report compares Texas in every data point to California. In everything from unemployment to job growth, Texas is trouncing the Golden State, and its unemployment rate has been beating California’s, and the nation’s, for 80 straight months now.

We can’t imagine that politicians in Sacramento or coastal elites enjoy getting trounced by Texas. We wonder how long it will be before they start entertaining “cowboy” notions like lower taxes and regulations as a way of  closing the gap.

 I have serious doubts that liberal clowns in the Legislature and the governor are going to be lower taxes and regulations any time soon. One move in the right direction is a bill to regulate and not block fracking is a good move in the right direction, but that is only small progress.  A much more dramatic move would be to admit the global warming has stopped and sensitivity to CO2 warming is small and not a threat to mankind, thus  AB-32 is not longer required.  It will happen someday, but not until the states economy has collapsed.

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  1. Sean says:

    You think Texas has it good? The four richest metropolitan counties in the US (out of 380) are suburbs of Washington DC. Kind of gives new meaning to the rich 1% doesn’t it?


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