Replace Doug LaMalfa – Not Likely

Our local lefty blogger thinks that our Representative Doug LaMalfa needs to be replaced due to his no vote on legislation that would open the government again. LaMalfa joined 144 other House Republicans who voted against the legislation that the Senate passed to extend our growing debt.

“I could not support the bill tonight because it fails to address our long-term debt crisis or even attempt to balance the budget in the short term,” said LaMalfa.

Our local lefty writes:

This question is on a lot of peoples’ minds this week, after obstructionists including McClintock and LaMalfa kept our government closed because of their stubborn ideology. It cost us money and jobs.

I’m very happy with my County Supervisors — Nate Beason, the moderate GOPer at our home in Nevada City, and Jennifer Montgomery, the moderate Democrat at our cozy cabin on Lake Tahoe’s West Shore (which we’ve owned for 12 years, compared with our place in Nevada City for a shorter period of time).

Both politicians are pragmatic, focusing on the local issues. I’d support either of them wholeheartedly if they ran against Doug LaMalfa (western Nevada County) or Tom McClintock (North Tahoe-Truckee).

Well, lets be really clear, I would support Doug against any of the squishy RINO’s that our local lefty would support. That goes for any of the “purple” Democrats that he would support, such as Heidi Hall who is running against Doug. Oh, wait he does not support Heidi Hall . . .  “I appreciate her energy and enthusiasm. But it will require a more experienced politician to upset Doug  . . .” Who is Jennifer Montgomery?

A lot of those Republicans that voted for the bill passed by the Senate are going to be challenge in the Primary process. The Tea Party is already cranking up the fund raising and finding suitable candidate to challenge those not willing to stand up for the Constitution and lower our runaway debt. Doug, does not have to worry about being one of the Tea Party targets. In fact, he will get strong support from the Tea Party. He is not likely to be replace over this vote, in fact he will have gained support for standing up for his principles.

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2 Responses to Replace Doug LaMalfa – Not Likely

  1. Dena says:

    While I am in Arizona, one line in this post really stood out “It cost us money and jobs.” It has come down to the point where the republic is ended when the people figure out how to vote themselves government money. How far do you think the American revolution would have got if everybody thought we shouldn’t anger the British because it will cost us money or jobs? Before the original Tea Party, the people had stopped drinking tea in many cases switching to something home made with a far higher alcohol content to avoid the British tea. I suspect they refused to unload the ships as the tea had been in them so long it was no longer in very good shape. The original tea party did the british by getting that stuff off the ship so they could use the ships for something else.
    Elsewhere in the revolution, against the law they made their own firearms, use locally produced items whenever possible and what they couldn’t make might often be bought from smugglers. We currently owe around $400,000 for every man, woman and child in this country. How what do you think it is going to do to this country when it’s no longer a case of wanting but instead it’s a case of having to pay off the national debt? Freedom is not about money and jobs and of the two, freedom is of far more value and if you are stuck with a debt you are no longer free. Until you know the feeling from not owing anybody anything you don’t know how much of a slave you are.


    • Russ Steele says:

      My children and grandchildren should be mad as hell at the current generation for putting them in such debt, but they do not seem to be worried. We will carry on the fight as long as we are still breathing. I hope they appreciate our effort, when the turds hit the fan.


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