Truckee Gets a Fuller Overhaul from Local Blogger

When I was growing up my dad introduced me to the phrase “fuller overhaul.”  It was in reference to the practice of giving an old worn out truck a new paint job, without fixing the underlying mechanical problems. A potential buyer might be influenced by the new Fuller Paint job and over look the underlying problems.

Our local lefty blogger just gave Truckee’s economic development a “fuller overhaul,” painting rosy picture of an economy with an underlying problem.

We shuttle back and forth a lot between our western and eastern county, and the gap — politically, economically and culturally — is growing. In short, the western county is stuck in the tar pits while the eastern county is on a roll.

. . .

There is more economic vitality and vibrance in the eastern county that you don’t see around Grass Valley and Nevada City.

Then the article goes on to say that:

 “Truckee is gearing up to spend $2.75 million on economic development — yep, $2.75 million. A workshop is scheduled on November 12 for the public to provide input to help foster a ‘healthy, year-round economy.’”

Now we get to the core of the economic issue:

Truckee needs to develop a year round economy.  Truckee’s economy is highly dependent on the ski season. There is a lot of seasonal hiring in Truckee. The longer the winter and the more snow in the Sierra the stronger Truckee’s economy.  More diversity is need. Depending on recreation can have some down sides.

Now Let’s bring Obama Care to the table. Are those seasonal employees going to health care from the ski resorts and business in Truckee, or are they going to be limited to 29 hours of part-time work, forcing them to get their own medical insurance?  Having a lot of part timers with little uncommitted money in their pockets could be an economic downer for Truckee.  We will have to see how this year turns our for Truckee.  The forecast is for an average winter in the Sierra. perhaps a little colder than normal, but average precipitation.

Perhaps our liberal blogger needs to move to the Eastern County and he can help them develop a year round economy with his insightful reporting. His article appears to be more an opportunity to bash Western County political leaders than it was about Truckee’s economic development.

Your thoughts?

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4 Responses to Truckee Gets a Fuller Overhaul from Local Blogger

  1. Russ Steele says:

    George Rebane submitted this comment:

    The secret to success for a community is clearly to be a grateful and compliant recipient of manna from heaven, and to keep repeating the mantra of ‘Thy kingdom come, thy will be done …’. Aldous, you saw the future and it is here.


    • Russ Steele says:


      And if you see my comment, the money comes with strings. If it State money it comes with state strings. If Federal money it comes with federal strings. It is best to not take the money. Do it with out the strings.


  2. Dena says:

    As an outsider, I think a summer economy could be developed with little or no cost. The summers must be nice and would make a great vacation spot. Here in Arizona we have several vacation locations that were started in the years before air conditioning. They had rail connections and the family would spend summers in the cool while the father would work week days in the heat and catch a train friday for a cool week end. The average person can no longer afford to own two properties but the wealthy still have a second home for the summer.

    The solution to the problem is to educate city people that you have a great place to vacation in the mountains in the summer. Print up a bunch of flyers and leave them around the ski areas and start collecting reservations for the summer season. Consider Yosemite park. Its a great place in the summer but they keep the doors open as long as the snow is not to high. I know because I have been there in the summer and at christmas. Yosemite is beautiful in the summer but you haven’t lived till you see it in the winter.


  3. Russ Steele says:

    One positive note for Truckee vs Western County. Truckee has a economic development plan and they are working through the economic development issues, something that has escaped the Western County. We for some reason are not capable of coming up with a comprehensive economic development plan. Good for Truckee, they have found a way forward. Part of the 2.75 million in economic development funds were left over after the State cancelled the Redevelopment Agency charter. As a result some of the funds come with some strings attached,they have to be used for specific projects on a redevelopment list.


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