Obamacare Could Put a Chill on Christmas Spending

While Obamacare continues to crash and burn, insurance companies are canceling thousands of policies that do not meet Obamacare requirements.   Businesses are receiving letters raising rates by 100% to 200%, and those costs could be passed on to employees. All of this is creating uncertainty in family budgets, forcing an assessment on how much to spend on Christmas gifts and holiday dinners. This uncertainty could have a major downer on local Christmas spending.  According to some reports, families are already be starting to increase their emergency funds to cover the rising cost of health insurance.  Funds that will not be spend on Christmas.

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3 Responses to Obamacare Could Put a Chill on Christmas Spending

  1. Sean says:

    Actually, I think its a new economic order and for some, it just might be better. Full time employment may become 3.5 days a week of work. The lower income will allow some in certain states to quality for more benefits, particularly if they slip into Medicaid eligibility. When the cost of healthcare for a single parent with one or two children are figured in, the no-cost to the family of Medicaid (plus potentially other benefits) may easily outweigh the loss of hours and income. As this population rises, those who want to get ahead but feel trapped in the system may resort to more informal work arrangements where things are bartered or simply paid in cash.


    • Dena says:

      While charity when needed for the can be good, long term charity or government support harms a person by not allowing them to live up to their full potential. Over time it can become so addictive a person will fear it’s loss and it can affect personal decisions with the most important being their vote. Decisions will favor their own pocket book over the good of the country. We all know this by the more common term of buying a persons vote with peoples taxes and the only one who benefits is the politician who wins the election by buying votes. We already see the problem with Social Security however with Social Security, most people are short timers and they become fewer over as little as 10 years. Someone just out of school would have a whole life time of attempting to preserve their drone lifestyle. The person may love it but it will destroy the country.

      The suggestion of living off cash which is not taxed is the suggestion of living a criminal lifestyle. We already see this today where drug dealers collect SNAP because none of their drug deals are reported to the government as they are all cash. This is not the type of world I would like to live in.


  2. Dena says:

    You missed two additional factors that will dim the light of christmas. The first is many people are working 30 hour weeks because companies are unable to handle the cost of Obama Care. This includes people who have lost their job for the same reason and have had to seek employment at a lower rate of pay with another company. The second factor is the last batch of unemployment numbers delayed because of the government shutdown don’t look very healthy at a time when seasonal hiring should be at a yearly high while stores prepare for christmas. Most of the time, stores are good at knowing how much stock to add for christmas and I suspect they have already cut back on the amount of stock they will be adding to the store for christmas. In past years I have been behind Walmart around christmas and they use shipping containers for temporary storage. I suspect this year I would find few if any containers behind the store.
    When the government gains control of 1/6 of the economy you can hardly expect them to run it any better than anything else they do!


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