To the Contrary Ted Cruz and Tea Party are Winning.

Our local lefty blogger is wondering why Senator Ted Cruz and the Tea Party are claiming victory over the shutdown and their attempt to shut down ObamaCare.

“In a truly misguided display of chutzpah, some members of the Tea Party are congratulating themselves over a supposed ‘historic victory’ in the government shutdown debacle,” contributor Carrie Sheffield writes for Forbes. “Yet the shutdown gang led by Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas extracted no concessions and instead hurt the GOP’s nationwide reputation and shaved GDP growth.

Maybe this is why, the Republican are not the party with the problem according to the Washington Post:

The folks with the real problem, however, are the Democrats who weeks ago were willing to shut down the government rather than change Obamacare in any respect. The Republican National Senatorial Committee is having a field day reminding whoever will listen that the Democrats have done a 180 degree turn. In his latest e-mail blast, communications director Brad Dayspring asserts, “Now, just weeks after ObamaCare’s long awaited launch, Democrats are running like hell and are on the verge of making the biggest and most politically motivated flip-flop in recent history.

Why? Because their political strategists are begging them to, as Dana Bash reported.” Pointing to the most vulnerable Dems up in 2014, he declares, “They’ve seen Mark Pryor’s numbers tank, and know that others like Mary Landrieu, Mark Begich, Kay Hagan, Bruce Braley, Gary Peters … are facing similar.  Now that their own political careers are on the line, Democrats are rushing to cover their backsides. So far they have all supported extending enrollment, but they have been much more vague about what they think should be done about the tax penalty.” He claims it will be “perhaps the biggest mass flip/flop in political history.”

Heh!  The Republican’s were trying to do the Democrats a favor and they would have none of it. Now the Republicans are going to reap the rewards as Obamacare crashes and burns on the Washington Mall.

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  1. Dena says:

    I think this is a case of winning many battles and losing the war, The reason for this is to most of the news and the public, the Democrats can do no wrong and the Republican, Tea party and Libertarians can do no right. Until the limited government message can get out there with the same force everything will be twisted by the the press. Look at how long it was Bushes fault and now it’s the Republicans and Tea Parties fault. What the press can’t twist, they just don’t report. This administration has yet to take the blame for anything going wrong even though almost everything they touch turns to %^&#. If we don’t win the war of words, the only way this can end is the total destruction of the government.


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