I am currently enrolled in my third Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Course, Applied Data Science: An Introduction offered by Syracuse University.  I had read the free e-Book used in the course “An Introduction to Data Science” this spring, which uses R a open source statistical programing language to demonstrate data analysis techniques.

My first MOOC was Computing for Data Analysis offered  John Hopkins University and my second was Maps and the Geospatial Revolution offered by Penn State. Both have proven to be interesting, challenging and well worth the time invested.

With your indulgence, I will plot my course through my current MOOC, Applied Data Science, which also uses R to demonstrate data analysis techniques and processes. The first week focuses on a general over view of data analysis, including data architectures and the skills data analysts needs to be successful, plus the installation of R on PCs or MACs

As a long time R user my installation is complete and I am watching the video lectures and making notes for the quiz that follows Unit 1. I will report on my quiz scores.

This is a self paced course and there is still time to enroll if interested HERE.

For more information on MOOCing,  just Google or Bing MOOC.

Rebane’s Ruminations has an interesting post on MOOCs and the education revolution HERE.


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