Oh No! Prepare for Global Warming Before it is Too Late

President Barack Obama signed an executive order Friday to “prepare the nation” for the dire consequences of global warming by establishing a new task force aimed in part at steering local communities toward making “smarter” investments to prepare for climate change-caused catastrophes.

“The impacts of climate change—including an increase in prolonged periods of excessively high temperatures, more heavy downpours, an increase in wildfires, more severe droughts, permafrost thawing, ocean acidification, and sea-level rise—are already affecting communities, natural resources, ecosystems, economies, and public health across the Nation,” the executive order states.

Of course there has been no global warming for the last 15 years, and there is no credible science that excessive temperatures, which are not happening, increase wild fires, more drought, ocean acidification or rapidly rising sea-levels. Arctic and Antarctic  ice levels are increasing. There is ample scientific evidence that the earth was warmer during  the Medieval Warm Period and the Roman Warm Period. Our current temperatures are not unusual.

The ten page Executive Order establishes the Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience to advise the Obama administration. Who is on the task force, why our own governor Brown and six other  Democratic warmer governors and one token Republican Governor Eddie Calvo of Guam. The task force also includes local officials, including 14 mayors, two county officials and two tribal officials.

“The E.O. instructs federal agencies to work together and with information users to develop new climate preparedness tools and information that state, local, and private-sector leaders need to make smart decisions,” according to a  WH statement.

Now if climate preparedness was for global cooling, which is more likely than warming, since the warming has stops and in the last few years the satellite datas shows a slight decline. The PDO is negative and AMO is scheduled to turn negative real soon now.  When this happened in the past the Northern Hemisphere got real cold. See Joseph D’Aleo HERE.

It will be interesting see how the Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience elects to badger local government agencies into knuckle under, and prepare for warming.  If you want to track the coming cooling, go to the Next Grand Minimum.

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8 Responses to Oh No! Prepare for Global Warming Before it is Too Late

  1. Dena says:

    I have been trying to figure out why Obama makes decisions the way he does for a long time and it turns out to be a long list with no clear indication of what is reason is.
    1. His early life was spent with his grand parents who were socialist.
    2. His early schooling took place in Kenya with his father who was also a socialist. Because his skin was much lighter than that of the other children, he was picked on and used lying and joking to distract the other children from picking on him.
    3. Upon returning to the United State he acquired socialist mentors who were able to get him into the better better schools.
    4. His transcripts are locked up tighter than a drum for two possible reasons. The first reason is his grades were not all that great and wouldn’t have got him into a better school so he presented himself as a foreign student. The schools wanting diversity were willing to overlook his grades, Second, once in school, few people saw him on campus. The reason being he spent his time in his apartment smoking pot and discussing the world with his socialist friends. When he did get out of his apartment, he would seek out the left most leaning professors he could find. People suspect he graduated because of diversity and not because of his grades.
    5. His introduction to Chicago politics and life style was through his Socialist Mentors.
    6. When he went to publish is first book, he fell back to #4. He presented his book to the publishers has being written by a foreign born instead of his true birth in the United States.
    7. Valerie Jarrett also aided Obama greatly in Chicago Politics. Born in Iran, she has been with Obama through every step in politics and may be the one who put Obama in the White house.
    8. Valerie Jarrett is currently the White house gate keeper. If you want to meet with Obama, you go through her. The question is how much has been signed with the auto pen and has never seen Obama’s desk.
    9. The Obama’s trust Valerie Jarrett greatly. She is the only member of the staff who spends after hours with the Obamas. What she is doing there has many rumors but no solid facts.
    10. When the CIA is doing the daily briefing, He wants the briefing delivered on paper and avoids the question and answer oral part of the briefing. The raises the question, does he read the paper or pass it on to Valerie for action and advice.
    11. Obama has a terrible temper when he receives bad new so that is another reason to deal with Valerie Jarrett instead of Obama.
    12. It is questionable with Obama’s temper and lack of desire to study that he even watched the news (I am sure he never turns Fox on) and most likely allows all of the news he receives to be filtered through others.
    13. We know Obamacare was not written by congress or Obama. It was written in sections by various groups and then assembled and presented to congress. Until it reached congress and the Republicans got their hands on it, NOBODY had read the whole thing. This may explain why a budget hasn’t been passed in 5 years and why so little useful law has been made in the last 5 years.

    I think the reason why the White House acts the way it does is because we elected a figure head and not a president. Decision coming from the White house will be emotional and not based on facts. Many decisions may also be made by Valerie Jarrett or possibly even by people not serving in government but who aided in putting Obama in the White House.

    What a way to run a country.


    • Russ Steele says:

      Well said. I have always suspect that Valerie Jarrett is the puppet master. The left has adopted climate change as the new religion and make decisions accordingly, never letting the facts get in the way of their devotions to climate change.


      • Russ Steele says:

        Environmentalist Lawrence Solomon writing in the Financial Post cites the fact that solar activity is currently decreasing at one of the fastest rates as anytime the last 10,000 years. Because of this, he says many scientists are actually reverting from the mantra of global warming and are now subscribing to the possibility of global cooling as occurring.

        “Now an increasing number of scientists are swinging back to the thinking of the 1960s and 1970s,” Solomon writes. “The global cooling hypothesis may have been right after all, they say. Earth may be entering a new Little Ice Age.”

        Read more at http://usfinancepost.com/scientists-increasingly-moving-to-global-cooling-consensus-9198.html#KQZAXbRDj9JZgdyu.99


      • Dena says:

        I think a little ice age is likely. The scary part is we are due or over due for the next Ice age. Will this little ice age push us into a major ice age or do we have a few hundred years before we end up in a real ice age?


    • sean2829 says:

      And who pulls Valerie Jarret’s strings?


      • Dena says:

        I think Valerie may be a very smart cookie and nobody pulls her strings. It is possible she is an equal part of the inner circle and is an equal so she acts with others to carry out the common goals. Because few even know how important the roll Valerie plays, she hasn’t been researched as much has she should have.


      • Russ Steele says:


        The last little ice age took 300 years, about 12 generations to go from the MWP maximum warming in 1300 to maximum cold in about 1600. Some of the ice core records show a much rapid change in 10-20 years, less than a generation. Are we headed for the next great glaciation, I have no idea and I doubt the others do as well. Historically we are due, plus or minus a few hundred years. Stay Tuned.


  2. Russ Steele says:

    Some thoughts on the issue from Fox News:

    Climate change skeptics, as well as scientists, argue there is no proven link between extreme events and global warming. Indeed, Roger Pielke, Jr., a professor of environmental studies at the Center for Science and Technology Policy Research who has called for climate mitigation, argued recently that — heat waves aside — there is little evidence for an increase in extreme events themselves.

    Others find small links between climate change and some specific natural disasters, saying storms like Sandy were worsened by rising sea levels. But for other events, notably droughts and downfalls, there’s no evidence of a global warming effect.

    A Sept. 2012 editorial in the prestigious journal Nature urged caution in drawing any such connection: “Better models are needed before exceptional events can be reliably linked to global warming.”


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