When Confronted by Really Bad Science — Ask Questions

I have written before about President Obama’s Executive Order on Climate Adaptation. Here is a summary:

  • The directive asks the agencies to incentivize resiliency efforts through grants or other financial assistance programs, as well as through guidance and performance standards.
  • It also gives EPA, the Interior Department, DOD and the Army Corps of Engineers nine months to finish an assessment of policy and regulatory changes necessary to make U.S. lands and waters more resilient.
  • Under the plan, the White House will also establish a new web site at Data.gov that will serve as a clearinghouse for relevant data and tools for policymakers.
  • The order dissolves the inter-agency task force on climate adaptation in favor of a multi-agency council on climate preparedness and resilience that is charged with building on the previous group’s efforts, which included the first-ever development of agency-specific adaptation plans focused on how global warming could impact various government functions.
  • Additionally, it establishes a State, Local, and Tribal Leaders Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience to advise its federal counterpart.

We all live with a number of these government agencies here in Nevada County, and can expect our lives to be challenged by some their of global warming adaptation policies and procedures. Policies which could have a big impact on our lives.  To help prepare the local population for the impending changes the League of Women Voters of Western Nevada County hosted a PowerPoint presentation prepared by Former Vice President Al Gore on climate change,  presented by Carol Kuczora who went to Chicago for her training,  followed by Jerry Hinkle of Citizens Climate Lobby.  According to an article in the Union.

One will introduce the science and consequences of climate change and the progress being made by different countries to promote alternative energy; the other will stress what citizens can do to create the political will for a stable climate and empower individuals to exercise their personal and political power to reduce the greenhouse gasses implicated in global warming.

Some local conservative ladies, often seen at Tea Party and CABPRO meetings, attended the meeting and questioned the presentations. They were asked to stop asking questions as they were disrupting an already bad presentation of bad information. One of the ladies sent me some information that supported their alternative views:



President Obama and his minions appear to be misinformed and the are going to subject the citizens of Nevada County to policies based on some really bad science. The question is how are we going to fight back?  I suggest that we follow the lead of the conservative ladies who questioned the  Carol Kuczora and Jerry Hinkle presentations,  even after they were asked to “shut up.” Fact are facts, and the fact is global warming has stopped while CO2 continues to increase. The only connection between climate change and  human generated CO2 are some flaky computer models that have been invalidated by reality.  Inform yourselves and ASK QUESTIONS.

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  1. Dena says:

    The big mistake these dog and pony shows make is if the questions ask in the meeting are not answered in the meeting with even a bad response, they will be ask after the meeting and the opportunity to indoctrinate the group will be missed. The weakness of Al Gore will be not having properly trained people doing his bidding and our job will be to get in after Al Gore with the truth.
    In the meeting the question should be ask, if you are unable to answer our questions, how do you know the information you have presented to us is factual?


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