Local Man Makes Global News – F1 American Underdog

The Rossi family was one of my early marketing clients, the Insightworks helped develop marketing materials to promote Alexander Rossi’s career before he moved to Europe from Nevada County. Alexander is a determined and disciplined young man who has earned his place on the world racing stage.

Meet California native 22-year-old Alexander Rossi, the only American currently in Formula One racing, and the reserve driver for Caterham. He’s been in Europe since he was 17, competing in the feeder series of races, and two weeks ago claimed a GP2 victory in Abu Dhabi and was named Best Rookie in the F1 feeder series. When Rossi hits the track during practice on Friday, he’ll be the first American to drive an F1 car on U.S. soil since 2007.

The full article is at Sports on Earth.  If you meet Alexander be sure to congratulate him for his hard work and dedication. He has climbed the racing ladder Formula by Formula from this early days as a Go-Cart racer, never loosing sight of his goal — F1.  Congratulations Alexander!

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