Teleprompter Free Tea Party Patriot Fund Raiser Huge Success

Congratulations to all the Tea Party volunteers that made the Boston Tea Party fund raiser a huge success.  The food was excellent, all cooked by volunteers. The room was packed from wall to wall with more people showing up at the door looking for a seat in a full house.  The announcer had final herded us into our seats, when a surprise guest arrived.  Congressman Tom McClintock was given a standing ovation as he entered the room, before he had said a word.  He was given another standing O after a rousing speech without notes on “Obamacare, a steaming heap.” and rule of law.

Before Tom spoke we heard from the Spirt of Sam Adams on the history of the Boston Team Party and how the action of those patriots have parallels with the “trampling on the laws of this nation” today. The King was changing the rules of the game without consulting representatives of the people, not unlike our current President is ignoring the laws of our nation.

Following Tom was Mark Meckler, who as always gave an inspiring presentation on the continuing influence of the Tea Party, reminding people that of all the Million Man marches on Washington DC, the only group to meet that standard was the Tea Party. The success of the Tea Party is why the present administration and the lap dog liberal press keeps attacking us. Though some are beginning to recognize the President has lied to the people. We are a threat to politicians on the left and the right as they lack the ability to control “we the people.”

Mark laid out a strategy for calling a Convention of States to change the Constitution, to limit the power of government including term limits for Congress and the Supreme Court Justices, and limiting government spending to annual income revenue. Mark believes that “we the people” of the Tea Party, joining with the families of 300,000 home schoolers, can influence 2/3s of the state legislatures to call a Convention of the States to amend the Constitution, returning power to the people and ending the abuse of federal power.

Tom McClintock, Spirt of Sam Adams, and Mark Meckler all spoke without notes or Teleprompter, they gave voice to their convictions.  When you know who you are and what your principles are, it is easy to speak to the truth with without stumbling about. It is the empty suits that need a Teleprompter.

You can find out more about the Convention of States HERE. Sign up and be part of the solution, rather than a contributor to the problem.


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