Tea Party Gaining Strength

Our local left likes to bash the Tea Party. First the Tea Party was just a flash in the pan in 2010 election and it would just fade away. Then Tea Party candidates started to get elected and speaking out, and the local negative energy went up several notches.  Senator Tex Cruz was often cited as an example, of how the Tea Party was damaging the Republican party.  Then we were told that the Tea Party supported government shutdown was damaging the Republican’s chances in 2014.  There there is some reality, as a  Hidden gem in ABC/WaPo Poll: Strong Tea Party support reveals:

We have addressed many times recently the misleading claim that support for the Tea Party Movement was at historic lows or reflected the near-end of the movement:

The ABC News – Washington Post poll released just after midnight has generated headlines for the sharp decline in Obama’s favorability ratings by just about every measure, and the growing unpopularity of Obamacare.

But there is a hidden gem in the poll that is not receiving much attention.

Support for the Tea Party movement is at 38% for all registered voters, not far below the 41% approval rating and 46% favorability rating for Obama.

Moreover, 46% think the Tea Party has too little/just about right influence versus 43% who think it has too much influence.  49% think the Tea Party political views are about right or too liberal, versus only 40% who think too conservative.

It’s clear that support for Tea Party political views exceeds support for the movement, likely the result of years of demonization, culiminating in the recent Democratic Party eliminationist rhetoric directed at the Tea Party.

It appears that our local lefty opposition has been reading and mouthing the Democratic talking points. Even his Purpleness has been attacking the Tea Party in sync with the Democrats. I think they are scared that conservative are going to win the next election cycle.

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  1. Barry Pruett says:

    When you cannot get support for opposition to the views, demonize the person. Right out of the Alinsky playbook. No worries. The American public has turned its collective back on Obama and ultra-liberal policies (Obamacare). The disaster that is Obamacare will be held up for years to come as the failure of big government liberalism. Truth will always defeat dishonest rhetoric in the end.


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