More F Grade Student Follies: California Double Counts Emissions

Junk Science has the story

You can’t make this up. We’re supposed to consider these people experts saving hundreds of thousands from air pollution death. The battle on carbon dioxide is just one aspect of California Air Resources Board (CARB) misconduct, more societal and economic impact has come from their air pollution regulations that hammered industry, transportation, construction and agriculture. Refitting trucks could cost 20,000, for example.

CARB regulations on small particle air pollution are based on studies that are classics in the junk science of precautionary principle, scare mongering, small associations projected to big catastrophe and sometimes just delivering the results for the agency that’s footing the research bill.

Bloomberg reports the CARB nonsense on emissions estimates here:

Here’s a little about the CARB misconduct in the past on air pollution, mostly focused on small particle pollution from engines and their junky claims about premature deaths or asthma.

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