When CA Libs Turn On Obama the End is Near

Investor’s Business Daily: http://news.investors.com/politics-andrew-malcolm/120413-681606-obama-california-field-poll-support-slides.htm#ixzz2mnsz09yT

In February, 62% of Californians approved of the job performance of the White House’s top golfer. During Obama’s entire presidency his California approval was higher only once, 65% just 60 days into the job, Field reports.

Today, barely a majority of California’s registered voters approve (51%). In February, 33% disapproved of Obama’s job. Today, 43% disapprove. That’s the worst since 44% in autumn of 2011.

Obama has been stricken by serial scandals, missteps and stunning impressions of ineptness (Benghazi, NSA, IRA, FBI, Syrian red line), the disastrous ObamaCare rollout and, worst of all, what’s seen as his clear, long-term deceit on keeping your health plan and doctor.

Obama’s approval has plummeted 13 points among California women, 16 points each among Latinos and independents and a whopping 18 points among union households. You’ve got to work at doing that.

We can only hope that this political insight extends to CA liberals and progressive as well, Liberalism does not work as the current administration is demonstrating.

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