Local Lefties form Citizens Climate Lobby Chapter


I was looking at the Nevada County Democrat Central Committee Newsletter when I saw an  announcement for a meeting promoting the formation of the a Citizens Climate Lobby on 7 December 2013. Today the Nevada City Chapter of the CCL was post on the Citizens Climate Lobby web site by Susan Higgins.

CA Nevada City CCL chapter

Last Updated by Susan Higgins 18 hours ago

The Nevada City chapter is in development. For information on how to become involved please email nevadacity@citizensclimatelobby.org

 What is the Citizens Climate Lobby?

The purposes of Citizens Climate Lobby are to 1) create the political will for a stable climate and 2) to empower individuals to have breakthroughs in exercising their personal and political power.

What will these lobbyist will be doing in December:

Meet with members of Congress during recess

With Congress adjourning for the holiday recess, now is a good time to request meetings with House and Senate members back in their districts.

At your meetings this month, assign volunteers to request face-to-face meetings with the representatives and senators with whom your group interacts.

This would be a good time to talk strategy about your current lobbying efforts with each member of Congress:

  • Where is the MoC at vis-à-vis engagement on climate change and support for a revenue-neutral carbon tax?
  • Review communications with the MoC and staff to determine where the conversation currently stands.
  • Assign someone to gather recent media that your group has generated in the district.
  • Discuss the best angle for engaging the MoC on the issue – preventing future disasters, creating local jobs in clean energy, etc.
  • Talk about community leaders or experts you may want to invite along on your meeting with the MoC.
  • Possible request: Ask MoC to request that Ways and Means Committee (in House) and Finance Committee (in Senate) hold a hearing on carbon taxes featuring witnesses like Art Laffer, Greg Mankiw and other conservative carbon tax supporters.

Perhaps these climate change lobbyists will discuss the pause in global warming for the last 17 years while CO2 increases, the growing ice in the Arctic and Antarctic, and the growing list of cold temperatures records being recorded across the nation and around the world.

My guess, they will continue to ignore reality and promote their global warming religion.

One of recommended action is to invite conservatives to meetings.  Think will volunteer.  Let you all know the response.

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  1. Sean says:

    Kind of gutsy for them starting a group like this in December. I do hope you go and they allow you to participate. i wonder if you might be able to find someone who is in business to talk about the cost of compliance with AB32. I find that its almost pointless trying to convince people like this about the shakiness of the science but they might listen to people who have been materially and financially impacted by the laws and may make people begin to think about weather or not its worth it.


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