Bad Nevada County Decision Makes the Drudge Report

When the Nevada County Planning Department decided to force a local church to take down at sign supporting our troops, I will bet they were not thinking they would make the Drudge Report and national recognition for their bad decision.

County BoobsThe full story is HERE at CBS

As I understand the sequence, the County only take action when some one complains about signs not with in code. So, who were the complainers?

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2 Responses to Bad Nevada County Decision Makes the Drudge Report

  1. stevefrisch says:

    Now why would you want to know who filed a complaint? Should a citizen filing a complaint for a sign that is out of compliance with local zoning ordinances be identified? especially if that identification is likely to lead to intimidation? The negative attention is coming because certain people are reporting the story as though the content of the sign is relevant….the content of the sign is completely irrelevant.


  2. This negative attention is most regrettable. It impairs a lot of hard work invested in attracting tourists and new residents. I’m certain the County planning department, code enforcement department, and The Union did not foresee the negative attention they helped create. But going forward I hope that similar negative publicity can be avoided.


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