Drought in California – Cool PDO and Warm AMO

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The drought in California is making the news. I’m sure it will be blamed on “Global Warming.

I came across an article by Roger Pielke Sr. from 2012 that reminds us that when the PDO is cool (which it is) and the AMO is warm (which it is) drought in California is going to happen.


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5 Responses to Drought in California – Cool PDO and Warm AMO

  1. California’s population has risen from 24 million to 38 million since 1980

    The last big dam built was New Melones Lake in 1979.

    The following list is sortable:


    You can’t be a semi-desert state and build no big dams when your population goes up 60%.


    • Russ Steele says:

      I agree. We keep adding toilet flushers, but have not built any additional storage facilities. We have wet years, but the excess moisture just runs into the ocean.


  2. California’s drought is the best ammo the true believers have had in years. You need to post the data on previous California droughts.


  3. Russ Steele says:

    This post is to support my position and support for Anthony Watts postion that the drought is not due ot global warming and that the Pacific Decadal Oscillation has an impact on California’s drought condition. It is in response to this clain at the Sierra Foothills Report:

    Then Greg’s like-minded friend Russ Steele runs a chart “January-December 2013 statewide ranks” on his blog and concludes: “Looks like California is in the minority, mostly due to the extended La Niña pattern.”

    “And the cause of this?” writes Steele’s friend Anthony Watts: “Certainly not ‘global warming’ though I’m sure the activist idiots will use every trick in the book to try to create a linkage.”

    Wait a minute. Who’s the “activist idiot” here? Maybe it’s the ex-TV weatherman turned global warming skeptic/expert.

    Roger Pielke Sr. is a highly regarded climatologist, he is not an “activist idiot.” You look at the facts and you decide. Who is the idiot here? I am voting for a local blogger with a degrees in rhetoric and journalism. No science here, just unsupported words. Where are his facts to refute the PDO and Lan Niña case. Absent.


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