Wait, Wait, the Tea Party is DOA, How Could This Happen?

From A Press Release by the Candidate: 

The Young Republicans conducted the only straw poll at the Kansas GOP Convention this weekend.  In a surprising show of strength this early in the campaign Dr. Milton Wolf tied 34 year incumbent Senator Pat Roberts.

In just over three months since Dr. Wolf launched his grassroots campaign for the U.S. Senate the strength of his candidacy was in full view at the Kansas GOP Convention this weekend.  Dr. Wolf spent the convention meeting Republican activists from all over Kansas.  It was clear that Kansans are ready for a new U.S. Senator who will boldly fight for conservative values.

“I am committed to running a grassroots campaign and we will be successful,” said Dr. Wolf.  “Kansans deserve a senator who will use his voice and his vote to return our nation to her founding principles.  I will fight everyday as the next U.S. Senator from Kansas to return America to the divinely inspired American Idea of individual liberty, limited government, and free-market values.”

This concludes a week of tremendous momentum for Dr. Milton Wolf’s campaign.  The campaign was endorsed by the Flint Hills Tea Party, State Representative Ron Highland, Southeast Kansas Conservative Group, Kansans for Constitutional Integrity, and both the Kansas and National affiliates of the Republican Liberty Caucus.  The campaign had previously been endorsed by State Representatives Josh Powell, Marty Read, and Mike Houser, Kansans for Constitutional Government, Senate Conservatives Fund, Madison Project, Former Congressman Jim Ryun, and RedState’s Erick Erickson. 

The National Republican Party is trying to kill off the Tea Party and the Democrats are running scared of the Tea Party, thus they are demonizing them at every opportunity, but look what is happening in real life. Change is happening right before our eyes.  

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