SOTU Observation With Election Impact

Local lefty bloggers, and those that comment on these echo chamber blogs, have taken great glee in decline of registered Republicans in Nevada County, with an increase in Independents. I will admit, I have given some thought to changing my registration, to Independent as Republican leadership has been dismal at the State and National level.  I am still a conservative, but not sure Republican is the right label.  But, I digress.

Ellen and I watched the SOTU on Fox News, on our Dish satellite connection. Fox recently started a new feature on Bret Baier’s Special Report called Bing Pulse.  It is an opportunity for viewers to log in and register their response to questions and comments by the discussion panel.  The three categories are Republican, Independent or Other, and Democrat. See the graphic below.


During the SOTU Fox had the Bing Pulse online. Viewers could respond to issues introduced by the President.  I was surprised to see the Independents tracking almost in sync with Republican during the whole SOTU presentation, or at least when the Bing Pulse was on the screen.  It has been a political rule of thumb that Independents were more aligned with Democrats than Republican, at least that has been the mantra proclaimed by our local liberal echo chamber blogs.

It appears, that under the current political atmosphere, the Independents and more aligned with conservative Republican views, rather than the more liberal Democrat views. This should have some impacts on mid-term elections.  How much it will have on local county elections, is not clear, but the impact of a Republican controlled House and Senate will impact us all.

Your thoughts?


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3 Responses to SOTU Observation With Election Impact

  1. Dena says:

    I decline to state my political parts because nobody has bothered to create a Constitutional Party. I end up backing the Republicans because for the most part they are the lesser of two evils and by not stating my party they are forced to work for my vote. Having lived through the cold war, I know the destruction the Democrats are trying to turn lose on the country and the remaining small conservative parties risk splitting the vote giving the election to the Democrats. The only issue with not stating your party is that you will not be able to vote in the primary by default, however you can request a primary ballot for the party you want to vote for.

    I vote not for the party but for the person and their politics and to block destruction of the country. I would love to have an election where we had two great candidates but I don’t think it’s going to happen in my life time.


  2. Dena says:

    Let me try to explain it in a way that you might understand with a link that shows the problem.
    We are forced to live under laws that are passed by unelected bureaucrats who will never need to worry about about an election or being fired for doing a poor job. I am working on my taxes and had a question about Health Savings Accounts and was unable to track down an answer in the IRS paper work mess. In addition, you can’t call IRS because the person on the other end of the line doesn’t have any idea either. It is impossible to tell if you are obeying the law because nobody in the government knows all these rules and regulation which have the same force in law. What government officials are trained to do is know how to look up the law or rule they want which means they may miss a conflicting law or rule that would benefit the public instead of the hard hearted bureaucrat who is trying to railroad you so they can get a pay grade increase.
    In short, the constitution states that congress is the ONLY one permitted to pass laws. Calling them rules and regulations doesn’t empower bureaucrats to rule over us.


  3. Fuzz says:

    “Some men worship rank, some worship heroes, some worship power, some worship God, and over these ideals they dispute and cannot unite….. but they all worship money.”

    —— Mark Twain

    Watching the Republican response (Rep. Rodgers WA) to the SOTU was nauseating. The biggest load of maudlin pap I’ve heard recently. You hear what politicians say but look closely at the huge machine looming behind each side and what it wants. For Republicans, Business America rules the day and funds the right wing in D.C. If hyper-conservatives ruled the US, they really would shrink government to a drownable size to eliminate any “intrusion” into private business. Kiss protection for the environment goodbye if it affects profitability in any way, shape, or form. Kiss public assistance goodbye. If you think private charity could fill that bill (40B donated last year), you’re vastly underfunded at today’s usage. Conservatives/Republicans want a Darwinian “Survival of the Free Market Fittest” world and you either survive or die. Get rid of the Departments of Energy, Education, Commerce, Interior, EPA, OSHA…. get rid of it all. Do whatever you want…. flush your toxic waste down the sewer…. and if someone objects, sue me!…but you better have enough money to win or pay my court costs….and you better hope that what I’ve done doesn’t produce crisis damage to the local region, in which case I’ll just declare bankruptcy and the public can eat it. “So what if I get a cockroach in my restaurant now and then….the world’s a dirty place and I don’t need a government food inspector making my life miserable and costing me money.” Eliminate all unions ….survive at the discretion of your employer, “fair” or not. Trust no one because profit always trumps principle, even for many “Christians” like Rep. Rodgers. The Free Market is God….it solves everything and takes no prisoners. You can, and will, be outsourced or “roboticized” if an extra buck can be made. The idealized model for Republicans is Texas, which has the highest percentage of workers earning minimum wage, the largest percentage of children without health insurance, 26% of the public without any health insurance, and the third highest teen pregnancy rate in the nation.

    I don’t agree with everything Obama says….not by a long shot….and he doesn’t have all the correct policy solutions. But don’t feed me any crap that what the right wants will produce a Free Market utopia, without sin, lifting all boats. It would be open season on whatever business can get away with….ethics be damned. Anyone who has ever worked with sub-contractors knows exactly what I mean. Before you tear any fences down, you better find out why they were put up in the first place. The right loves to talk about the Constitution….about strict adherence to the Constitution….and I too love the Constitution. But anyone who has seen the recent movie, 12 Years a Slave, is reminded again that when our Founding Fathers signed that document, it was probably the most glaring act of hypocrisy ever in the history of nation building. The second most shameful act is that it took @ 89 years to “ceremonially” end slavery. (**See note below) James Madison said, “If men were angels, no government would be necessary.” The right should remember that before they try to drown it. The collective desire of the citizenry, expressed through government, is the only thing that moderates the naturally sinful nature of man. Getting that level of control right is the key. Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

    ** Many have argued that this date is not accurate, because the South managed by various legal means to keep many blacks in a state that, except for the name, was slavery. Chief among these were the system of “peonage” (debt-slavery) and the “convict lease system”, both of which persisted until the early 20th century.

    Under the convict lease system, blacks might be arrested for petty (or even trumped up) charges, given very long sentences, then brutally worked by the state (think of the famous/infamous chain gangs) or leased out to farms or businesses. The system was frequently criticized, but only began to be dismantled during “the Progressive era”. The last state to end this practice (also the first to use it, beginning in 1846) was Alabama. The legislature mandated that it end on June 30, 1928. Hence, according to some reckonings, the date at which slavery was finally legally abolished was: July 1, 1928.

    Russ, I apologize for raving on. Sometimes the political scene is so sad and dreary that I despair of it all. By the way, I’m an Independent….have been for years.


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