No Virginia, California’s Drought is Not Caused by Anthropogenic Climate Change

Obama’s chief of staff, Denis McDonough, announced on Face the Nation this weekend that he was vexed by climate change impacts on droughts in the West. Indicating that California was seeing some pretty serious developments as a result of climate change.

The National Review has some insight in to the utter nonsense of McDonough’s claim:

As the San Jose Mercury News recorded a few weeks back, the cycle of high pressure that the state is currently experiencing has many precedents in history, and, far from being obviously “the result of climate change,” its cause has left “researchers scratching their heads.” Daniel Cayan, an oceanographer and atmospheric scientist who works for the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, concedes that, unlike the president and his acolytes, he simply has no idea what is happening. “I wish I had a really good answer for this,” Cayan said to the Mercury. Bob Benjamin, a forecaster with the National Weather Service, is equally flummoxed. “This ridge is sort of a mountain in the atmosphere,” he told the Mercury. “In most years, it comes and goes. This year it came and didn’t go.”

Sometimes, it just doesn’t — and nobody is quite sure why. The activist group Climate Resolve, which describes its role as “inspiring people at home, at work and in government to reduce greenhouse gas pollution and prepare for climate impacts,” explained in January that this drought not only resembles a similar period of aridity that lasted from 1976 and 1977 but in fact echoes patterns that existed “well before society started burning coal for energy.” “Go back a few hundred years,” Executive Director Jonathan Parfrey maintains, and “the paleo-record shows that the Southwest experienced multi-decadal droughts.” The group’s inconvenient conclusion? “California’s terrible drought is not due to anthropogenic climate change.”

So, there you have it, humans are not causing California’s drought, and reducing our CO2 production under AB-32 will not change anything!

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