Trader Joe’s Goes Galt in Portlandia

There are thousands of people in Nevada County who would like to have a Trader Joe’s in our community. Look what happened in Portland Oregon when Trader Joe’s tried to open a new store,  according to Ricochet.Net

Trader Joe’s wanted to build a new store in Portland, Oregon. Instead of heading to a tony neighborhood downtown or towards the suburbs, the popular West Coast grocer chose a struggling area of Northeast Portland.

The company selected two acres along Martin Luther King Blvd. that had been vacant for decades. It seemed like the perfect place to create jobs, improve customer options and beautify the neighborhood. City officials, the business community, and residents all seemed thrilled with the plan. Then some community organizers caught wind of it.

The fact that most members of the Portland African-American Leadership Forum didn’t live in the neighborhood was beside the point. “This is a people’s movement for African-Americans and other communities, for self-determination,” member Avel Gordly said in a press conference. Even the NAACP piled on, railing against the project as a “case study in gentrification.” (The area is about 25 percent African-American.)

After a few months of racially tinged accusations and angry demands, Trader Joe’s decided it wasn’t worth the hassle. “We run neighborhood stores and our approach is simple,” a corporate statement said. “If a neighborhood does not want a Trader Joe’s, we understand, and we won’t open the store in question.”

Hours after Trader Joe’s pulled out, PAALF leaders arrived at a previously scheduled press conference trying to process what just happened. The group re-issued demands that the now-cancelled development include affordable housing, mandated jobs based on race, and a small-business slush fund. Instead, the only demand being met is two fallow acres and a lot of anger from the people who actually live nearby.

Some neighborhoods do not want to be organized. It seems the organizers were more interested in the politics than the people in the community. I know of another community organizers that has been trying to “transform America” that is more interested in the politics, rather than the people of the nation.  There are 40,000 jobs waiting for his XL Pipeline decision.

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2 Responses to Trader Joe’s Goes Galt in Portlandia

  1. Dena says:

    Found a link today that shows you how little Obama thinks of his known supporters. The day the union wants to meet with a republican (even a RINO) is a world changing event.


  2. Dena says:

    I am not sure exactly what Obama is interested in because it’s not politics unless Obama is a closet conservative. He is single handed destroying the Democrat base. The only thing that can save them is the Republicans push immigration instead of the failure of Obama care as an election issue. Don’t forget that almost every Democrat in congress voted for Obama care and the only Republican votes were bought. The Democrats are happy to change the issues to Immigration because they know the Republicans will not bring up what happened the last time immigration reform was attempted.

    Today the White House is telling everybody how great the loss of jobs will be for people as it will allow them to spend more time with their family or start their own business in this heavily regulated and heavily taxed environment. Nobody is talking about how they are going to keep food on the table and a roof over their head much less how they will be able to buy the many additional things that make life better. What I see is a future where you reach 65 years of age and you go to work flipping burgers because your Social Security accumulation will not produce enough income to live off.

    As for Trader Joe’s, I have never been very impressed with their stores, but I am now more impressed with their company. If the insurance companies had done the same thing to Obama when he was pushing Obama Care, we wouldn’t have Obama Care today. Instead they backed Obama because they thought they saw easy money and more customers in the law. The opposite is true and when Obama Care fails, there will be a push toward single payer which could end health insurance as we know it and we may all end up on medicaid. Not a happy thought.


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