Walmart Supercenters are a Win for California Communities

But, the BOS Green Gang of Four in the 1990s made sure that it would never happen in Nevada County. We still have anti-Walmart planning regulations on the books. Now the folks in Placer County will benefit from the new Walmart just across the county line.

By Lon Hatamiya, President and CEO of the Hatamiya Group

Walmart has a good story to tell and my economic impact study that was recently released by the company is a chapter in that chronicle. I started my research in 2008 analyzing the impact of Walmart Supercenters on California communities. Each time I’ve conducted these studies, I’ve utilized the retail taxable sales and retail business permits data as reported by California communities to the California Board of Equalization (BOE). And each time the facts point to the same conclusion – Walmart Supercenters support new job creation, small business growth and increased sales tax revenues.

Interestingly, I added an element to my 2014 study by looking at communities without Walmart Supercenters and comparing the results to similar-sized communities with Supercenters. On average, communities with Walmart Supercenters experience positive gains in taxable retail sales and an increase in the average number of retail business permits. What’s more, similar-sized communities in both northern and southern California without Walmart Supercenters either experienced a decline in average taxable retails sales or fell short when compared to a similar-sized community with a Walmart Supercenter. And in some cases, both occurred.

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