Some Whine, While Others Take Action

Assemblyman Dan Logue Launches Website for $5.8 Billion Water  Bond Proposal

SACRAMENTO – North State Assemblyman and Chief Republican Whip, Dan Logue, announced a new website today to advocate for his $5.8 billion water bond proposal, AB 1445. launched today with the purpose of spreading the message to California that AB 1445 will give them twice the water for half the price of the alternatives.

“We are getting hit by this drought hard, and it is a drought that could have been avoided if action had been taken sooner, “said Logue. “We cannot continue to sit idly by and watch our reservoirs drain. My proposal allocates $4.8 billion for 3 million acre feet of water storage, and $1 billion for clean water projects. It is the most straight forward proposal and the only one with a realistic amount for water storage.”

Currently, there are a total of four proposals in the legislature, including Assemblyman Logue’s. However, AB 1445 comes with the smallest price tag with $5.8 billion. The other proposals range from $6.475 billion to $9.327 billion. View the comparison. gives Californians the opportunity to express their support for the proposal. Logue is encouraging people to visit the website to find out more about his proposal and how they can get involved.

Assemblyman Logue concluded, “California cannot wait another year to get a serious water solution on the ballot and if Sacramento does not want to take this proposal seriously, they need to know that there are enough people behind it to get it on the ballot without them.”

Visit the website and sign our petition!

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