Oh My God, Not Another Tax Revenue Generating Shopping Mall

The local left is going nuts that a new shopping center might be developed just off the Dorsey Drive interchange.

Oh, My God we cannot have that, just think people might stop shopping  in Auburn and Roseville and start shopping in Nevada County.

One of the reason that people drive to Auburn and Roseville to shop is they do not find the products and services in Grass Valley or Nevada City.  A big box store, or a Whole Foods, maybe in the service mix at the new Mall.  Oh my, we cannot have that. Big Boxes are not allowed in Nevada County.

The biggest threat to Grass Valley and Nevada City is the development of a Life Style Mall, like the Fountains in Roseville were parking is integrated into the Mall. Just think a handicap parking space right in front to the store you want to shop in, and you are not required to hike from some south 40 parking lot. Seniors would like that option.

If the Mall has a town center feel with benches, fountains, stages, outdoor coffee shops, and a sidewalk wine and beer bar customer many shoppers may prefer the Mall rather then down town Grass Valley and Nevada City with its collection of bums and panhandling homeless people.  Being private property, the Mall owner can control these negatives, which is not the case in Grass Valley and Nevada City.

I am for any business that increases jobs and tax revenue in Nevada County rather than Placer County. If the new Mall does that, then I am all in.  What do you think?

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3 Responses to Oh My God, Not Another Tax Revenue Generating Shopping Mall

  1. Walt B. says:

    There is no pleasing some people. First they chase off IMM after the city of GV fleeced them
    like a house of ill repute on a Friday night. ( promises, promises) Who needs a working mine when you can bleed the investors dry before one shovel of dirt can be dug?
    Now they gripe about this project. As I recall, ” infill ” was the buzz word. ( building on bare land inside city limits)
    Word is out that ASBESTOS is the new Villon to stop this show. Funny… The new hospital addition was built on the same soil across the freeway, yet no reports of mesothelioma from that ” superfund site”. And I don’t remember the dog fight over the construction.

    One thing is for sure. Gold will turn up when the excavation starts. I think I will apply for night security, so I can pick it up off the ground, and make more money than what the paycheck would bring.


  2. RL Crabb says:

    I was at the meeting this morning. The committee had a lot to say about the design, access, landscaping, etc. As it moves forward, I’m sure the project will look quite different than the first draft. Development of any kind is going to depend a lot on mother nature. If we end up in a multi-year drought, a real possibility, we could have a moratorium on any new construction. As things go in Nevada County, we’ll probably be six feet under by the time this thing gets off the ground anyway.


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