Will McClintock’s Challenger Answer Mark Meckler’s Question–Why?

When I heard about the late arrival of a primary challenge to Congresman McClintock seat in the Congress, I was left wondering why would another Republican challenge such a strong conservative, especially is a strong Republican District. Mark Meckler ask that very question on Art Moore’s Facebook page. Here is the exchange:

Mark Meckler Why run against a guy with a perfect conservative rating? I don’t get it. Now we’ll spend millions on a race that we should be investing in races against Democrats instead. Seriously…WHY?
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Art Moore for Congress Mark Meckler, thank you for your thoughts. Please take a look at my video to better understand why I’m running. http://youtu.be/Jq7bTewjGxM
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Mark Meckler Art…with all due respect, I’ve reviewed your video…and it tells your story…but doesn’t tell why you’d run against one of the staunchest conservatives in Congress. Why would you make us run a multi-million dollar race when that money is better spent against Democrats who are destroying the nation? Tom McClintock has virtually a perfect conservative voting record. So why would you be against that? You moved here from the east coast to run against him…so you must have a reason why you’d try to remove a principled conservative Republican instead of finding a district with a liberal Democrat you could remove. I’d like to know…why Tom McClintock?

I would like to know the answer to Mark’s question? And, I have a follow up question, who are Moore’s supporters in Washington DC that prompted his move to this particular district and then promoted his entry into the primary race. A move that was put in motion in January 2014 when reserving his web site URL.

More if the Moore comes up with a credible answer.   Your thoughts?


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