More guns less crime

Our local lefties have their undies in a knot. Gun owners are flooding the sheriff’s offices in California with applications for concealed weapon permits following a bombshell ruling several weeks ago by a federal appeals court that citizens need not justify their requests for a weapons permit. A three-judge panel of the court ruled 2 to 1 that the Second Amendment bars California counties from requiring law-abiding gun owners who want to carry concealed firearms to demonstrate special, individualized needs for protection. We all deserve the right to protect our selves now in California.

In fact the, the more people with guns, the more the crime rate is dropping.

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With more CCW people carrying the crime rate should do down even farther. The dude with a knife will always be worrying that guy, or better yet that gal, might just have a gun.

The CCW application in Nevada County is straight forward and there are several organizations that provide CCW training and qualification certification. Yes, you have to learn the rules of use and demonstrate you can shoot the gun accurately that you choose to carry safely.

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  1. Fuzz says:

    Krebs on Security reports this morning that the DMV has been hacked. Anyone making online payments during the second half of last year may have had their card data stolen. Charges are already being made against them. This is why you should a) keep track of what card you use for what payments, and b) put Krebs on your desktop and check him daily. I may restrict card use to Amazon only and use alternate means (checks/cash) for everything else. If this gets worse, I might resort to bartering……. I’ll trade you my 1978 starter set of golf clubs for that rusty Walmart barbecue


  2. Fuzz says:

    You’re welcome Russ. I also alerted Jeff Pelline, who uses WordPress. George uses TypePad but I don’t know about many of the other local blogs. Security is now my #1 issue in the digital world. My sister just had her debit card hacked and they drained her checking account dry, including a $700 Gucci purchase in S.F. (They actually left her $800 overdrawn!) She will get all her money back but its a drawn out affair. I had warned her the previous week not to use debit cards. Between NSA type surveillance and free market Big Data surveillance, you are fully exposed, naked, and increasingly afraid. Did you see 60 Minutes last week? …. their expose of Big Data would make your hair stand up. Privacy is gone.


  3. Fuzz says:

    Russ, this is totally off topic but important to you as a WordPress blog operator. By the way, Krebs on Security is an excellent site to keep up on the latest in online security issues.


  4. Fuzz says:

    Russ, I’ve probably owned 15 different firearms in my life….everything from heavy barrel Browning rifles to “hog leg” .44’s. I was a crack shot back in the ’60s. I took Handloader magazine from issue #1. I precision reloaded, including casting bullets using a custom mold. I still own a very nice pre-71 Sako Finnbear 30-06. I know my way around guns……
    The thought of every “law abiding” citizen being able to get a CCW is frightening to me. There are legitimate reasons for some people to conceal carry but to have every Tom, Dick, and Linda start carrying, just because he/she can, is asking for trouble. How many currently “law abiding” citizens will stay that way? How many will develop mental problems, anger issues, debilitating stress, or other conditions that could cloud their judgement? How many will get drunk or high in public? If you were a college student at Sac State, would you feel safer if every single student was carrying a gun or no one was carrying a gun? I’ve seen first hand what the stress of a heavy college load can do to some students…..everything from psychosis to suicide. Do you want those students carrying? Sure, one student with a gun might stop another student who just shot three people, but why make it easy for the first student to start shooting in the first place? If a female student feels uneasy at night, then address that situation and allow CCW if necessary. If female employees, bank managers, gold dealers, pawn shop owners, etc etc etc feel the need for a CCW, then address their request. But, in general, there are WAY too many dodgy nefarious “law abiding” characters out there who shouldn’t be allowed to carry if they don’t have a good reason. I think I’d rather have Sheriff Royal figure out who legitimately needs CCW and who doesn’t.


    • Russ Steele says:

      I think that Sheriff Royal has good validation process. I asked him about the court order, and he did not see a need for any changes in his process for screening and validating need. His only concern was the increased workload from the increased demand generated by the Court’s actions.


    • Dena says:

      Fuzz may have missed a point. CCW requires attending a class and being tested on when to carry and how to carry safely. Failure to pass this test will prevent the person from obtaining a CCW. On the other had, somebody without a CCW can carry and the law can’t stop them from doing it unless they catch them in the act so we are better off that they get the training and a CCW instead of having them carry without the training and without a CCW.
      I had a neighbor who wanted to get a gun she could carry in her purse. We warned her she shouldn’t do it without a CCW and I don’t know what she did but again the law couldn’t prevent her from doing it but could catch her in the act.
      As for Arizona law, it’s a bit different. You are permitted to open or conceal carry without a CCW however you have less trouble with the law on a conceal carry if your paper work is in order. I personally know how to carry safely but would still do the training if for no other reason than to be up to date on the laws involved. On the other hand, the only gun so far that I can shoot without problems is a 1911 45 ACP and that leaves a big bump even for somebody my size. Maybe I should stick with open carry.


  5. Stu says:

    over here in MednoLand the policy of the local Sheriff and DA is “Shall Issue” for some time – I will note that when I went to transfer my permit many years ago that I was informed that I could only come in to the SO on Tues/Thurs between 1400 – 1600 for CCW finger prints but if I wanted a “215 (pot) card” I could make an appointment at my convenience…


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