Global warming? What global warming?

Christopher Monckton of Brenchley writing at Watts Up With That

The circumpolar vortex has put this season into the record-books. The United States has just gone through its coldest interequinoctial winter (Dec. 21 thru March 21) in a century. Hat-tip to CFACT, which has just sent me the graph.

coldest-winter-century This is the coldest winter since the WWI. The Great Lakes ice coverage is 400% above normal.  Yes, this is just weather now, but it will soon be climate.

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4 Responses to Global warming? What global warming?

  1. stevefrisch says:

    As a former midwestern myself I can assure you most midwesterners I know would gladly endure a cold winter to avoid a hot, humid, sticky, long summer. Cold is in a midwesterners blood, once acclimatized we never lose it. Cold is like riding a bicycle.

    Unfortunately my friends and family in the midwest are going to get both.


  2. Barry Pruett says:

    Religious zealots will not believe it. The problem is the people living in the Midwest know all too well about manmade global warming. I am surprised that all Midwesterns aren’t outside right now spraying aerosol cans and hoping for a little AGA.


  3. stevefrisch says:

    Unless of course you live anywhere in the weld except the eastern United States!


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