Senator Boxer is Scientifically Illiterate or a Liar, You Choose

Senator Boxer:

“In California, we can just look out the window to see climate change’s impacts – from the driest year on record in 2013 to the increased frequency and intensity of wildfires. This new IPCC report identifies the serious threats to human health, vital infrastructure, and the world’s economy that will multiply as temperatures warm. It confirms that we must cut carbon pollution now to avoid lasting changes to our planet.”

Do we have a scientifically illiterate Senator making claims that she does not understand, or is she lying to influence low information voters, or gain street credentials with her environmental wacko friends? One year of low rain fall does not make a drought and 2013-14 will not break San Francisco’s 1850-51 record for driest rainfall season, according to meteorologist Jan Null of Golden Gate Weather Services. According to scientist studying lake deposits, increased warming has not increase the frequency of wildfires over the last 1,000 years.

As Joe D’Aleo, Chief Meteorologist for Weatherbell Analytics LLC, points out
Global temperatures have not warmed for going on 18 years even as CO2 increased 12%. Sea level rises have dropped in half globally to just 4 inches per century. Global hurricane activity is at a 30+ year low. Sandy produced devastation but it was barely a CAT 1 storm on landfall. We had 8 major hurricanes hit the east coast from 1938 to 1960.There were 142 fewer tornadoes in 2013 than any year on record and despite two big fires made worse by environmental pushback on thinning and brush removal, the number of wildfires was the lowest since reliable records began in 1984. We are told we are seeing rapid increases in heat records, but the state all time heat records tell another story. 23 of the 50 occurred in the 1930s, 38 before 1960 and there have been more all-time cold records than heat records since the 1940s.

Those are the fact that Senator Boxer is ignoring when making here claim. She does not understand the facts, or she have another agenda? You decide.

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