Let’s Debate the New ERC Economic Development Plan

I was asking people if they had read the new ERC Economic Development Plan at the Republican Spring Dinner last night, and even the people I had sent the plan to in an e-mail had not read it. On the other hand several people had read The Union article about the plan and expressed some reservations that, it was more of what had been tried before and failed.

The ERC has a Facebook Page that has not been updated since October of 2013. This Facebook Page maybe an excellent place for a community discussion of the ERC’s Plan. It is open, people are required to use their real names and post a profile, thus readers can access their experience and length of time in the community from the profile.  Newcomers are not likely to have the background that long timers have. On the other hand the newcomers may have some new ideas that should be considered and debated.

One of the critical factors for success of the ERC’s Plan will be community buy in. The community has never been able to come up with a common vision for what our economic engines should be now and in ten years from now. Each of our social tribes has a different vision of the future.  This maybe an opportunity for the community to come to some resolution on a comprehensive plan for our economic revitalization. 

Your thoughts?  

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