Economic Development Questions For Supervisor Candidates (Updated)

I have sent the following questions to our Supervisor Candidates.

Dear Supervisor and Supervisor Candidates

The ERC has published it’s economical development plan, ERC Business Plan and Economic Development Scorecard. The plan identifies five major impediments to economic development:

The 5 Major Impediments affecting Economic Development:
1. Lack of pervasive high speed Internet Service
2. Under developed skilled, technical workforce
3. Lack of available land
4. Lack of spousal employment opportunities
5. Under developed entrepreneurship programs

As the winning Supervisor Candidate how will you lead the community in solving these problems. Please provide specifics for each of the 5 impediments.

I will post their answers on this blog. Stay Tuned.  We are about to see the level of leadership each candidate is capable of providing the community.  I hope we get more than “was was” answers.

Updated (04-13-14@12:45PM)  In discussions with friends and fellow bloggers, they suggested I send these questions to sitting Supervisors as well.

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2 Responses to Economic Development Questions For Supervisor Candidates (Updated)

  1. Russ Steele says:

    I have been invited to the Republic Women’s Monthly Luncheon on Tuesday, and the candidates have been invaded to attend. I should have an opportunity to ask those who have not responded if they plan to answer my question.


  2. Russ Steele says:

    Lamphier: (04-13-14) Supervisor Lamphier has responded. I will post his response once all responses have arrive for posting.

    Miller: No response (04-12-14)

    Cole: No response (04-13-14)

    Weston: No response (04-13-14)

    Jedediah Biagi: Sent Questions 04-13-14

    Note: I have created a separate response page above.


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