I Wrote About This Issue in 2012

There is an article in the Union this morning about the lack of 240 volt EV Charging station in Nevada County.

Lacking a charge in Nevada County

With gas prices flirting with $4 per gallon and metro atmospheres besieged by auto emissions, Mollie Cuneo thought for sure electric cars would be a natural in Nevada County.

She was wrong. Nevada County, with no new car dealerships to lease her an electric car, also has no public 240-volt electric car charging stations.

I wrote about his problem in Feb of 2012 in this article: What is Nevada County Doing to Prepare for the Onslaught of EVs

Apparently nothing! Nevada County’s environmentalist are big on words and a little slow on action. In their AB-32 Scoping Plan the California Air Resources Board made it very clear they want 15% of all vehicles on California highways by 2020 to be electric vehicles.

At the rate local political and economic development leaders are moving to establish 240 volt charging stations, the drivers of those CARB mandated EVs will not be welcome in Nevada County. Who are the buyers of EVs, wealthy people. What kind of tourist is the County and ERC looking for, those with money to spend. So, why are there no 240 volt charging stations in Nevada County? Ask your Supervisor and the ERC Board of Directors, who set the economic development priorities.

It could be that the BOS and ERC did not think that preventing global warming was that important and that science would prevail and AB-32 and CARB mandated EV would just go way, Just like global warming did, no warming now for over 15 years.  Right!


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  1. Kaleb says:

    I guess Nevada County doesn’t understand that people like me, who live in Sacramento and drive electric cars, would love to add places like Nevada City to our destination list, where we can plug in near a restaurant, eat lunch and walk around town for a bit, all bringing revenue to the City and County. We can’t do that now.


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