Common Core Town Hall (Updated 24 Apr)

Town Hall meeting on Common Core will be held on the 29th of April at the Elks Hall in Grass Valley, and I have decided to attend. The subject is “Unveiling Common Core – The Unanswered Questions About Your Child’s Education.”

When Common Core as announced I down loaded some of the documents and used Adobe Readers to do some key work searches. I searched for global warming and climate change to see how the science was being treated in Common Core.  Were both side of the issue being examined, or was it anthropogenic warming all the way down?  School science programs should stimulate students to have an inquiring mind. This is the very opposite of the science-is-settled, “consensus science” mindset being presented in Common Core. 

The science portion of Common Core is called “A Framework for K-12 Science Education:  Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Core Ideas“ It was written from material provided by The National Academy of Sciences (NAS), which have adopted a position that humans are causing global warming.  A position they have held for many years. 

The Common Core Science portion is 400 pages. PART II: Dimension 7 dealing with Earth and Space Sciences is on pages 169 to 201.  The coverage is cursory due to the shortness of material. Part ESS3.D:  Global Climate Change covers global warming from pages 196-199.  The coverage mentions that computer models are used for predicting future climate and weather conditions for the planet.  It does not mention that these models have not been validated and were incapable of identifying the current global warming pause.

The references for his section have many scary example of how anthropogenic warming will affect the security of nations, reduced the availability of water, food, and land can lead to competition and conflict among humans, potentially resulting in large groups of climate refugees.  

Combine these with the pronouncement of President Obama  “I don’t have much patience for people who deny climate change.” it is evident that the Administration that is promoting Common Core has discard science for a one-size-fits-all learning that smacks of collectivism in place of individual initiative. It is clear a lot of local decision-making is called for before local schools implement Common Core. 

The Common Core Town Hall is an excellent opportunity for you to become informed on the issue and ask the questions important to your family. 

Update (04-24-14 @ 11:56)

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