Common Core Survey – Low Information Voters Liked It?

The Sac Bee has the survey story:

The poll [PPIC] found that 69 percent of adults support the Common Score approach to teaching, a system that’s being adopted by a majority of the states as a way of ensuring that students leave public schools with skills in a variety of areas.

The change has been controversial, especially in other states, with those on the political right complaining that it will lead to federal control of school curricula. The concept was promoted by a bipartisan coalition of governors to replace the state-by-state determinations of what should be taught, how instruction should be given and how academic progress should be assessed.

The PPIC survey found that support was over 50 percent among all political subgroups but Democratic support was highest at 72 percent, while that among Republicans was 60 percent and among independents, 61 percent.

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I am not surprised, as I am willing to bet those in favor of Common Core have not read the implementation guides. I am not sure they would understand if they did. Here is an example:

common core math

The dumbing down of elementary school children has reached epidemic proportions. They can no longer make any informed decisions due to the quantity of misinformation, falsities and deliberate use of distraction, all while imposing academic standards that most people cannot understand. When your child, or grandchild, come for help, will you as a parent, or grandparent, understand the “New Way”. Will Teachers?

Did you understand the New Way? How long did it take you to figure is out the problem above?


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2 Responses to Common Core Survey – Low Information Voters Liked It?

  1. Dena says:

    Glad to see that you have seen the flaw in Common core. It was produced by somebody who had no teaching experience and when reviewers objected, they were ignored. This is a plan to make money at the expense of our children.
    I understand the process they are showing and my math level is some Calculus but this is the hard way to do it. Simple calculation needs to be almost automatic as you don’t want to be doing it when you are dealing with the more advanced complex concepts. I found a slide ruler was the best way to develop a feel for the right answer and as the results I can look at calculation and without running the numbers, have a feel as to the accuracy of the answer.
    Think of the old days before calculators and computers where they had rooms full of people doing routine math. If they were to use common core methods to solve the problems, they may have never solved what they were working on.
    Concepts like factoring may be fun to play with and even useful to solved some problems but save it for much latter until the kids have developed a feel for numbers and have a need to apply the concept.
    Children need to understand how to subtract and this process isn’t helping. Next what will happen is they will teach complimentary arithmetic which while useful in computers and fun to play with is little needed in the real world where everybody should be able to add and subtract.


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