Another Company Leaves California

During the Prop 23 debate, local conservative bloggers pointed out that AB-32 would force many companies to level the state. At the head of this pack of lefties for sustaining AB-32 was Steven Frisch, Sierra Business Council. Now we learn that is Toyota bailing on California.

The world’s leading automotive maker will follow the lead of its competitors and other large businesses, and leave California for better business climates elsewhere. Toyota had its US headquarters in Torrance for more than three decades, but now nearly 5,000 jobs will shift to Texas.

Yes, Texas which has fewer regulations, does not have a legislature invested in stopping global warming, and very business friendly environment. I predict that more will follow. Stay Tuned!

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  1. Russ Steele says:

    As soon as Toyota announced its relocation of operations from California to Texas, NCPA Senior Fellow Pamela Villarreal used the NCPA’s state of the art State Tax Calculator to determine the move’s impact on Toyota workers. She found some of the workers will save more than a million dollars in taxes over their lifetimes!

    A Forbes article reporting on Villarreal’s findings recommended the State Tax Calculator for anyone thinking about relocating from one state to another. Another Forbes column on the Toyota move praised the NCPA calculator’s unique ability to determine savings from a move. The story was also covered in International Business Times, the Dallas Morning News and the Fort Worth Business Press.

    The State Tax Calculator is a product of the NCPA’s Tax Analysis Center. We have made a large financial investment in our Tax Analysis Center because of the real difference it can make in tax policy in America.


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