Cost of U-Haul Trucks Leaving California Going Up as Demand Grows.

With the consolidation of Grass Valley (the company) and Miranda Technologies, Belden, the new owner, will be downsizing their work force, thus some folks my be looking for a U-Haul Truck. Some of those laid off may be thinking about going to Texas, where the economy is booming. If they do they will be contributing to the high demand for U-Haul trucks.

The American Enterprise Institute found an interesting and revealing market-based measure of the relative attractiveness (and migration patterns) of the two states is to compare the cost of a one-way U-Haul truck going from California to Texas vs. the cost going in the other direction. To rent a 26-foot truck one-way, here are the current prices being quoted by U-Haul for June 18:

Torrance, CA to Plano, TX: $2,626
Plano, TX to Torrance, CA: $1,264

Los Angeles, CA to Dallas, TX: $2,558
Dallas TX to Los Angeles: $1,232

Bottom Line: The cost of a one-way U-Haul truck leaving California for Texas is more than twice the cost to rent that same truck going from Texas to California, suggesting that there are twice as many trucks and people leaving California for Texas than vice-versa. Based on the huge difference in demand for one-way truck rentals, there is a premium of more than 100% for Californians to rent trucks going to Texas, and large discounts for trucks going in the opposite direction to California. U-Haul’s market-based pricing seems to confirm the California exodus to Texas of jobs, people and businesses like Toyota and Occidental.

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2 Responses to Cost of U-Haul Trucks Leaving California Going Up as Demand Grows.

  1. Dena says:

    When I left California, I needed to haul one small load, so I rented a large U-Haul trailer. The original plan was to rent in in California and pull the load back but the cost was high. In the end the best way to do it was to rent in in Arizona and do a round trip with it. There was no milage charge and as I started the trip in Arizona, the only downside was I had to pull an empty to California. If you are leaving California, you might want to consider taking your car to the new state and coming back with a truck for your stuff. There is a milage charge on trucks so you need to run the numbers.
    On the other hand, this could be a good summer job for starving students – returning empties to California.


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