Words of the Day: “Bird Vaporization” and “Streamers”

Next time you flip on the AC, remember that hawks, black birds, sea gulls, and monarch butterflies gave up their life in the pursuit of green energy. You will never smell the burning flesh of these free creatures, no -will the morons in Sacramento that demand 30 percent of all energy be created by renewable resources. The EPA sued and oil company when one bird landed in a drill rig sump, but take no action when solar plants fry multiple birds in flight everyday and wind mills slash them to bits weekly. I want you to think about this destruction of god creatures every time you use some green power to cool your home or office.

sunshine hours

The title of this post is not one I ever expected to write … even when I write a post mocking the evil greenies.

“Investigators from the National Fish and Wildlife Forensics Laboratory, in a report kept confidential until this week, describe the power towers as a “mega trap” that claims layers of species in the same food chain. The lab is part of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

“There were hundreds upon hundreds of butterflies (including monarchs, Danaus plexippus) and dragonfly carcasses,” the investigators said. “Some showed singeing, and many appeared to have just fallen from the sky. … Birds were also observed feeding on the insects. At times birds flew into the solar flux and ignited.””

Forensics lab staff observed a falcon or falcon-like bird with a plume of smoke streaming from its tail as it passed through the heat zone. The bird lost stability and…

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