Washington Wants to Kill California’s Job Creating Silicon Valley

In the latest government jobs report, it was clear that Silicon Valley was one of the bright spots of job creation in the state. Washington is now concerned that the wealth Silicon Valley is generating is not being evenly distributed.

The California City Journal has the details:

The Obama administration last week released a long-anticipated policy paper with an innocuous title: “Big Data: Seizing Opportunities, Preserving Values.” Valley executives, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs should read it for insight into why and how big government plans to engage the once-dynamic and lightly regulated high-tech industry. “It is the responsibility of government,” the report declares, “to ensure that transformative technologies are used fairly and employed in all areas where they can achieve public good.” That statement is a portent for increasing collisions between West Coast entrepreneurs and East Coast regulators.

You can read the while story HERE. One scary thought … “imagine the federal government regulating the Internet like it regulates trucking or yesterday’s broadcast networks.”

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