Did the GOP Make Governor Brown Stupid?

Our local lefty at the Sierra Foothills Report echo chamber is promoting the idea that the GOP is dumbing down US citizens, creating an anti-science cohort in the nation, with a specific reference to global warming. Then this was reported in the local news demonstrates some their handy work:

California Governor Jerry Brown released his state budget earlier this week and had some strong warnings about future cost impacts due to the effects of global warming.

According to some scientists, over the next couple of hundred years, sea levels could rise up to four feet and that will affect the airports in Los Angeles and San Francisco, as well as the nuclear plant in San Onofre.


You’re going to have to move all that … That’s billions, if not tens of billions. Luckily, we can take a few years.

Was it the GOP’s fault for making Governor Brown too stupid to know that the LA Airport is more than a 100 feet above sea level? The San Francisco Airport is 13 feet above sea level, more importantly the last time I looked the sea level in San Francisco Bay, where the air port is located, was declining. So, how did the GOP make Governor Brown so stupid?

Did the GOP create the broad inflammatory warnings about global warming that is based conjecture, models and fews facts? Was it the GOP that made the actual facts a secondary issue? Was it the GOP that created this perfect example of symbolism over substance?

If some one is dumbing down America it is the Democrats who control our schools, and attempt to lead this tarnished golden state.


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3 Responses to Did the GOP Make Governor Brown Stupid?

  1. Follow the money. Like everything else, those collecting taxes have the resources to buy scientists and everyone else (including courts) they need to accomplish their agendas. Money talks and there aren’t many who would turn it down.


  2. Sean says:

    Most people are just trying to get through the day and live their lives as best they can. In California, the recession hit very hard, particularly in working class communities. The recovery for many has been exported to other states. While the unemployment rate has dropped, the workforce participation rates has continued to decline faster in California than the rest of the country. Medi-Cal now accounts for 30% of the health insurance in the state. The drought has severely affected agriculture and the environmental restrictions on the use of water coupled with population growth over the last 40 years has left the state less well prepared to deal with the drought. If you were the overseeing environmental & regulatory strangulation leading to economic stagnation, wouldn’t you want to find someone else to blame?

    The costs of California climate change mitigation strategy are just beginning to ramp up and these costs will hit people on the lower rungs of the economic ladder particularly hard. As living standards fall due to a greater proportion of income going to higher priced energy, blue collar jobs are lost to regions with energy price advantages and the remaining jobs face wage pressure in the face of competition, the incumbent government is going to need to explain the the less fortunate what their sacrifices are buying. The poor working stiff who probably wouldn’t think twice about climate change as an abstract problem facing future generations will be angry and resentful to pay a heavy priced for day to day living expenses implementing a mitigation strategy that’s pointless in isolation. The Democrats claim that the GOP have dumbed down the citizenry but isn’t it really a desperate hope that the ordinary citizens buy the politicians’ rationalization for the reduction in living standards brought about ill conceived carbon regulations


    • Russ Steele says:

      Well said. California elites will not be impacted, but the middle class and the lower class will be hit the hardest.

      I would like to find a way to these climate change regulations could hit the elite really hard, but we may have to wait for Mother Nature to rock their cradle violently for a while.


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