Obama invokes ‘tauntology’ in discussing climate skeptics

Obama makes a grade school level logical fallacy in his presentation on climate change, while employing some signature ‘tauntology’ How…unpresidential.

Watts Up With That?

There’s tautology:

In grammar, the use of redundant words. In logic, a tautology is a formula which is true in every possible interpretation. Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein first applied the term to redundancies of propositional logic in 1921

and then there is tauntology:

The practice of making remarks in order to anger, wound, or provoke someone.

Which one do you think our ‘commander in chief’ prefers?  Obama gave a speech to an audience of college graduates at University of California, Irvine in which he expounded on his advanced views of climate change:

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3 Responses to Obama invokes ‘tauntology’ in discussing climate skeptics

  1. Yep…Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Seems like that’s what high civilization produces to run things. Not long ago we were yelling at Obama, “It’s the economy stupid!” Because he was focused on somewhere in the wild, blue yonder…It was so funny when he finally came down to earth and began blabbing about the economy needing to be top priority. But when you destroy the free enterprise system for thousands of small businesses, and create mega-corporate ones working in conjunction with government approval (a form of nationalization) all you get is corruption. Symbolically the whole system goes up in flames.


  2. Russ Steele says:

    Obama is very disappointed about how the world is treating him, he would rather play golf than deal with the problems he has been given to solve. It will only get worse as conditions get more complex. He cannot deal with real world complexity, only the problems he was trained to solve in his progressive seminars. The problem is progressive do not live in the real world, they live in a world they would like to have, not the real one.


  3. Sean says:

    The tragedy of this administration is not his misguided concern for climate change, it’s their lack of concern for their foreign policy fiascoes. The WSJ had this to say this evening:

    “Was it only 10 months ago that President Obama capitulated on Syria? And eight months ago that we learned he had no idea the U.S. eavesdropped on Angela Merkel ? And seven months ago that his administration struck its disastrous interim nuclear deal with Tehran? And four months ago that Chuck Hagel announced that the United States Army would be cut to numbers not seen since the 1930s? And three months ago that Russia seized Crimea? And two months ago that John Kerry’s Israeli-Palestinian peace effort sputtered into the void? And last month that Mr. Obama announced a timetable for total withdrawal from Afghanistan—a strategy whose predictable effects can now be seen in Iraq?

    “Even the Bergdahl deal of yesterweek is starting to feel like ancient history. Like geese, Americans are being forced to swallow foreign-policy fiascoes at a rate faster than we can possibly chew, much less digest.

    …”On Thursday, Russian tanks rolled across the border into eastern Ukraine. On Saturday, Russian separatists downed a Ukrainian transport jet, murdering 49 people. On Monday, Moscow stopped delivering gas to Kiev. All this is part of the Kremlin’s ongoing stealth invasion and subjugation of its neighbor. And all of this barely made the news. John Kerry phoned Moscow to express his “strong concern.” Concern, mind you, not condemnation.

    …”Also last week, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria seized Mosul. Then ISIS took Tikrit. Then it was Tal Afar. Mass executions of Shiites in each place. The administration is taking its time deciding what, if any, aid it will provide the government in Baghdad. But it is exploring the possibility of using Iraq’s distress as an opportunity to open avenues of cooperation with Tehran.”

    This administration seems to think it has the luxury of choosing the problems it wants to work on like an academic researcher. The emphasis on climate change while world politics spin out of control makes this president look like Nero who fiddled while Rome burned.


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