School Boards Now the November Election Target

The Primary excitement is over and conservatives made some progress. Now it is time to look forward to November. We will be hearing about the Congressional races, but closer to home are the School Board elections.The “Purple Man” writes on his blog:

On Wednesday, the County School board approved the budget by only a 3-2 vote. It should have been totally straightforward, but the issue largely was around hiring workers who brought on to help with the Common Core standards. Two board members, Marianne Slade-Troutman and Jack Meeks, voted against that.

Attendees at recent school board meetings have included Don Besee and Nancy Pierce, who have been activists for the hard right, including their commentary on this blog. Three of the five board sets are up for election this fall. This sets the stage for a battle royale over our schools. The county board of supervisors now has shifted one step to the right with the election of Dan Miller over Terry Lamphier. The lone progressive is Richard Anderson, representing Truckee.

What is the issue? Common Core! States are now withdrawing from Common Core and creating their own standards, rejecting the bullying of the Federal Government to implement Common Core and the testing which tracks students through our their time in school, from K through 12. Five States never adopted Common Core, two have withdrawn Indiana and Louisiana and State Legislatures across the nation are proposing bills to reject these standards, the accompanying testing and tracking of students throughout their school career. Each student is assigned a tacking number, their intellectual SSN for life.

This is suppose to be a secure data base, but we know how well that works out, it will only be a matter of time before it leaks to the street, and every students academic life will be on display.

As the “Purple Man” points out, there are three important openings on the County School Board and we need to elect conservatives who are capable of seeing through the Common Core defects and make the right decisions. The future of our nation depends on fully educated voters, not little liberal clones taught junk science, such as humans are responsible for global warming.

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  1. gjrebane says:

    The FUE’s learned remarks stem from and attest to the very one-sided and circumscribed media outlets that supply the grist for his progressive punditry.


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