Purple Man Strikes Out  — No CABPRO Found

At his blog Sierra Foothills Report, the Purple Man writes:

Supes stand up to CABPRO activism masquerading as “citizens” — what The Union didn’t report

I was glad to read in The Union that the County supervisors voted 4-0 on Tuesday to dissolve a citizens’ committee to “review” Nevada County planning and building fees.

Why? Because the committee of “citizens” included some self-serving, property-rights activists. It is a growing problem in our community: activists and political ideologues sitting on “citizens committees,” civil grand juries and the like and trying to steer the outcome to extreme positions to suit themselves.

“It’s a further disenfranchisement of taxpayers,” The Union quoted realtor Kirk Pharis as stating.

No it’s not. What The Union didn’t report (and should have) is that Pharis has been a longtime member and supporter of CABPRO, the property-rights activist group.

One small problem. I checked with a member of the now dissolved committee and Kirk Pharis was not a member of the committee.  The committee was made up of many professionals in the community, some had their own agenda including the Chairman, but to my knowledge he is not a CABPRO member.  In fact I could not identify any CABPRO members on the Committee. 

The Purple Man needs to stop playing with his loose cannons, they are going to hurt someone. 

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6 Responses to Purple Man Strikes Out  — No CABPRO Found

  1. Barry Pruett says:

    Ben. When you have a chance, please send me an email. I wanted to sit down and talk to you about corporations and your ideas about reformation. bpruett282@hotmail.com


  2. Barry thank you for your comments regarding the Penn Valley park and freedom of speech on Mr. Pelline’s site. It’s kind of funny how he puts a gag on some people who disagree with him…even though they do so politely. Can you imagine how dumb we’d become if all we knew was one opinion?


  3. Barry Pruett says:

    Sorry Ben. While I respect you and your opinions (more than you know in fact), I have zero empathy for a man who bullies the people I know and about whom I care. The Union did not care for his bullying and manipulations either.


    • Ben Emery says:

      OK Barry,
      I am just trying to build bridges out of sticks and twigs here but you have your trusted sources and are sticking to them. No problem. I will continue to defend Jeff because I think he has very valid points much of the time and does his homework before he puts them out into the blogosphere. Just as I have defended George, Russ, and yourself at his blog many times before as well. Despite disagreeing with you guys on macro policies I actually believe you guys have many good and valid points. The problem I have with George’s blog especially is the valid points are smothered in childish name calling and personal attacks that have nothing to do with the issue. Don’t get me wrong it goes on at Jeff’s as well but not quite with the same vicious intent, in my opinion. I am one of the worst offenders and that is why I am trying to remove myself from it because I don’t like who I become on that blog. As Kim can tell you I can talk with people whom I disagree with all day without being disrespectful while at the same time trying to find common ground against an out of control federal and state government.

      Good luck with everything and maybe next year I will be joining you and Kelly out on the field. I think I will be starting PT in the next week or so. It has been a very long few years.


  4. Ben Emery says:

    First off congratulations on your family’s success at nationals.

    Have you ever thought about Jeff’s experience at The Union through his eyes/ experience? What if you took a job for a firm that was controlled or heavily influenced by the good old boys club but they were very liberal and cutthroat. They welcomed you until you didn’t play ball with them and then they turned on you. I don’t know Jeff personally but strictly through his blog, FB, and emails. That is where I got the gist of his story and I know that story well from places I lived in the past. I was pot stirrer in other places I lived with activist groups trying to prevent irresponsible development of beautiful areas. It is also why I haven’t run for city council because there is a group of people you have to go through otherwise this group will actively work against you. The same goes with the Democratic Party and running for a partisan office. I get it, he has hammered you on your campaign and election since the day it was over and possibly during but for a minute just try to walk a mile in his shoes (please refrain from any weight jokes).

    This goes to everybody in the blog scene in Nevada County.

    I would like for all of to try and get along but at the same time disagree and debate. With the exception of couple people who have gone so far over into the negativity zone that are hopeless and that is there identity now. I used to live in a logging town and would have 3 or 4 hour long debates with guys over clear cutting practices, eco groups spiking trees, and so on while we listened to Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, and Johnny Paycheck, shot pool, and rotated drinks of beer and whiskey. I did this anywhere to 3- 5 nights a week. Sometimes it got real heated between a couple people but there was always three or four with a more level and less intoxicated head that would talk down any physical fight. We can do it but we need to stop this playground childish shit of name calling and passive aggressive bullying.


  5. Barry Pruett says:

    Lies lies and more lies. Likely why he refuses to allow my comments and likely also a contributing factor to his untimely departure from The Union. Typical.


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