The Union Loss of Broadband Access Shows Lack of Planning

When Comcast went down last Thursday The Union found themselves on a difficult spot. They are now hosted in the Internet cloud,  and highly dependent on having broadband access to function. The publisher Jim Hemig has the story HERE.  But, here is the issue:

Since the development of an improved broadband infrastructure is a hot topic in our county, we should also seek a better backup for the same services in order to provide a more reliable business environment.

What good would a better system be if The Union fails to plan for redundant communication service. Our community is severed by two fiber networks, the AT&T network up SR-49 and Comcast up SR-20, across Beale AFB, where the Comcast fiber was cut by a construction crew.  

What this story demonstrate is lack of planning by The Union. If you are using cloud services to function, you need a back up service, ready to go when the main communication link goes down, which it will from time to time.  The Union should have had a secondary source in place, that used the AT&T fiber access. 

Here at The Insightworks, we use Comcast and experienced the same outage.  But, we have a back up plan. We have an Verizon G-4 hotspot, that connect through the cellphone network. We were back on line in minutes, after Comcast went down. 

AT&T has a DSL Remote Terminal in the Basin, just a couple of hundred yards from The Union office complex.  SmarterBoadband, a wireless Internets service providers, has fiber supported wireless access points in the Basin, that could have provided a back up link.  

The Union’s problem was not from the lack of access, but from the lack of planning to have backup access when the primary link go down.  





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  1. Stu says:

    That is only part of the problem with the “cloud” – even Amazon lost part of their server farm on Christmas eve wiping out NetFlix a few years ago – and that was a situated in a designated “disaster center”

    all too often the “cloud” is a rack of servers in a nondescript highrise full of cages with only minimal security – if you don’t have local & off site backups what’cha gonna do when it fails – for whatever reason?


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