Breaking news on the ISEE-3 mission: it may not be lost – it’s those “O” rings again

I donated to his project and it was a downer when it looked like the gas tanks were empty. Now it looks like there is still a change, with a change in procedures and a little lick. The real message of this post is at the end, the Internet enables collective problem solving complex issues, bringing multiple minds with unique experience together to solve a technical problem. If you are not technical you can skip to the ending paragraph : The Collective Consciousness of the InterNet. For those interested to examine the progress is engineering and problem analysis read the whole thing.

Watts Up With That?

300px-ISEE3-ICE[1]A few days ago, my heart sank when I heard this news: Space Probe Might Lack Nitrogen to Push It Home It seemed a deal-killer if the nitrogen tanks were empty. Now, one of the team leaders has given me an inside track into the issue, and the mission may not be lost, thanks to the collective consciousness of the Internet.

We all know of the importance of a simple thing like an “O” ring, which Dr. Richard Feynman showed was the singular cause of the Challenger disaster, due to cold.

Now, it is “O” rings again, due to high temperature. Workarounds are being engineering as I write this.

Dennis Wingo, team member for the ISEE-3 reboot mission writes on his blog:

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