Where Were These People When Prop 23 was on Ballot?

Joel Fox Editor of Fox & Hounds and President of the Small Business Action Committee, writes Cost An Issue in Environmental Friendly CA

The new Public Policy Institute of California poll on the environment shows that Californians continue to be strong for environmental protections, but standing up for the environment weakens when a price tag is attached.

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Queried if oil companies should be required to produce transportation fuels with lower emissions, 76% of adults agreed. But when followed with the question: “Do you still favor this state law if it means an increase in gasoline prices at the pump?” support dropped to 39%. The drop off was particularly notable among those making less than $40,000 a year. While 77% supported reducing fuel emissions, the number fell to 32% when they learned they might have to pay more.

Similarly, 76% of adults favored the state law that calls for a third of the state’s electricity to come from renewable energy sources, but the support drops 30-points to 46% if that resulted in increased electricity costs.

The proponents of Prop 23 made clear the cost of energy would rise if AB-32 stayed on the books, and now AB-32 cost are becoming reality. Prop 23’s time came and past, but what will those paying the costs going to do about AB-32 and the rising cost of energy. Australia and South Korea has recognized the economic cost of policies that are based on bad science, which is not supported by the climate models originally used to justify the climate change policy.

What are you going to do. What are city council’s depending on tourism to support their economices going to do? What are the Supervisors going to do, they also are dependent on tourism and local business not leaving the county to seek lower energy cost? You might want to ask your Council, your Supervisor what they are going to do about policies based on bad science, they are impacting your family budget. Get active or PAY!

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