State of Jefferson Townhall in Penn Valley

George Rebane, writes at Rebane’s Ruminations 

RR has posted on the national movements to break bigger states into smaller ones as part of the impetus to some form of America’s Great Divide (here).  These movements are birthed by the realization by large cohorts of conservatives in the several states that they are no longer represented in their states’ legislatures, and the movements are fueled by the growing irreconcilable polarization of America’s Right and Left socio-political ideologies.  For some time now the distance has grown so large that no one can any longer suggest a plausible middle ground acceptable to sufficient numbers in both camps.

You can read the complete post HERE.

We have family commitments and will not be able to attend, but I recommend that everyone read George’s post and then attend the presentation.  There is growing concern that political leader in Sacramento are not listening, and this is one solution. There maybe others, but you will never know unless you inform yourself on the issues. 

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  1. Russ Steele says:

    Barry Pruitt has an excellent post on the State of Jefferson at this blog:

    It is worth your time to read!!


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