IPCC Climate Models: Divergence From Climate Reality Continues

The IPCC’s climate models have been noteworthy for their unfettered pattern of prediction failure, misleading policymakers and taxpayers alike regarding global warming…predictably, the pattern of failure continues in 2014….. yet California’s political leaders continue to proclaim climate change is destroying the state, more droughts, more wild fires, rising sea levels, and a whole host of social ills that are too many to enumerate.Yet, they provide no data to support their claims.

Multi-billions have been invested into climate science, with a special emphasis on climate models. Models that are used to justify climate change policies to reduce greenhouse gases and for some reason ozone, it is not even mentioned in AB-32.

Despite the massive expenditures, the climate models utilized by the IPCC continue to be ginormous failures for the purpose of prediction.

ipcc climate model divergent

This chart depicts this continuing pattern of failure by comparing the 3-year average of observed temperatures (HadCRUT4) versus the output of state-of-the-art CMIP5 models. The dataset plots reflect the most current values through June 2014.

The models continue to diverge, and the response of Sacramento is to double down climate change, implementing policies that damage our local economy, but have no impact on climate change. CARB’s cap and trade programs continues to suck money from the economy to be spent on the pet projects of our political leaders, the High Speed Rail Project being one of the most visible. But, they are also issuing grants to non-profit organizations to continue to buying support for their climate change policies, even though with every passing month, the scientific justification for those polices diverges from reality.

The question is, how to we get our political leaders to to recognize that the models are diverging from reality and no longer support their greenhouse gas reduction policies?

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