The State of Jefferson Town Hall (Updated)(Edited)

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Ellen and I were invited to attended the State of Jefferson Town Hall at Western Gateway Park  by our friends on
the organizing committee. We attended with our grandson, along with about 140 other folks, including a smattering of young families, middle aged parents and some mature elders. About ten folks were from surrounding counties.

The organizing committee did an excellent job of arranging the meeting, with live music, burgers, hotdogs, potato chips and cold drinks for sale. The park band shell provided shade and mother nature a cooing breeze, making it  a pleasant afternoon to hear why local citizens should support the proposal to withdrawal from California and form a 51st State of the Union.  The core issue is lack of representation. Under the current systems 1 Senator represents 11 Nor/Cal Counties, LA County has 14 Senate votes.  Southern California controls the fate of Northern California, including how we use our economic resources. 

Supervisor Ed Scofield and NID Board Member Nick Wilcox attended the meeting and listened to the arguments for a declaration of support, and the milestones necessary to make the formation of a new state successful.  Movement speakers included Terry Raposa and Mark Baird with introductions by Robert Smith.  Each of the speakers brought forth multiple positive responses from the listeners, clapping and hooting in support of the speaker’s points.  

We learned that in nine months six counties  (Yuba, Modoc, Glenn, Sutter Tehama and Siskiyou) have signed Declarations of Support for withdrawal from California. The first State of Jefferson Facebook page now has over 83,000 followers.  The Facebook page for each county can be found (County Name) for State of Jefferson. For example; Nevada County for the State of Jefferson

Additional web resources can be found online at

A Financial model can be down loaded here:

You can get your Jefferson State yard signs, t-shirts and ball caps here:

Regional and business news for the State of Jefferson can be found at:

Much of my skepticism was dispelled after listening to the speakers. However, there is still a long way to go, but it is not an impossible quest.  There was no mention that two Counties Shasta votes against a Declaration of Support, or analysis of why they rejected our need for more representation and the formation of a new state. Butte County asked for more time to consider the declaration, with a vote in December 2014.  [Thanks to Terry Raposa for Butte correction.]

The open question is will Nevada County sign a Declaration of Support? My gut tells me our Supervisors will wimp out like Shasta County, real leadership is hard to find at the Rood Center.

Update 08-04-14  The Union has Front Page Article that is good recount of the meeting. PDF is here:


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  1. Russ, thanks for clarifying the status of Butte County. Would you please correct the link to my store? The link in the article is incorrect.
    is the correct link.


  2. Excellent article! A couple of items need clarification. Butte County Supervisors did not vote against the Declaration, they asked for more information, and we will return to the Board in December.
    Also, I was there with shirts, hats, flags etc and I can be found online at We are a sponsor of Butte County for the State of Jefferson; also attending public events throughout N CA and S OR, spreading the word of Jefferson!


    • Russ Steele says:

      Hildy, Thanks for the update. Terry also sent a clarification on Butte County Supervisor actions. I edited the post with the correct information. We brought home one of the Jefferson signs and a DVD. The sign is in the front yard.


  3. Thanks Russ – sounds like a fun time. Shasta County has it’s reasons. It depends heavily on state funds for the community college and welfare for the folks that no longer have jobs due to the tree huggers shutting down almost all of the industry they had up there. Tourism has never brought in the money they need despite what the Greenies say. Even if it were to break free of the restrictions of Sacramento, they would still have to face the wrath of the feds. I can only see the state of Jefferson entering the union along with a left wing state along side it. Puerto Rico or District of Columbia perhaps. The problem remains that the very reason for the folks in NorCal and SoOr to want out is the same reason it ‘s not going to happen. Washington may as well have gone to King George to beg deliverence from tyranny. When has that ever happened in history?


  4. Barry Pruett says:

    Thanks Russ. Kim and I have been too busy this summer.


  5. gjrebane says:

    Good report Russ, thanks for posting.


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